Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Colourful Fingerless Gloves

I had these planned well before Katie was born and just managed to finish them this weekend. 

Originally I had plans for a whole line of colourful fingerless gloves and mittens to sell for the winter, but I've kind of missed the winter boat now haven't I?

They were lots of fun to make, I learnt more about ribbing and increasing and decreasing and I'd still like to make a few more pairs and free-style them a little more to include some different techniques and stitches.

Lovely cosy and colourful wool, love!

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sister Files

Millas current Big Sister status:
  • Loves rearranging Katies blanket so she's completely tucked in, with a big push on her belly just to be sure
  • If no blanket is in sight Milla will share her precious yellow fluffy blanket with Katie, she'll spend whole minutes arranging it on her, only to rip it off quickly and yell NO
  • Being the first to hear Katie cry she'll say "Katie milk, Katie wake"
  • She's suddenly realised her toys and dolls need a Mama too. They get tucked in and get bibs and nappies on as well.
  • Being protective, if someone gets too close to Katie and they haven't been pre-approved visitors she'll try and pull Katie away from them.
  • Kisses. Lots and lots of spontaneous kisses.
  • Milla loves to hold Katie in her arms in a big cuddle position. When ever Katie squirms she giggles with delight
  • Katies sneezes get an immediate "Bless you Katie" response... Which actually sounds more like "BledoTatie"
  • Loves to put hats on Katie. If there's a hat nearby and Katie doesn't have it on her head there'll be trouble!
  • Rocking the bouncer, rocking the capsule, rocking anything.
  • Walking down the hallways towards our bedroom and saying "shhhhhhhhh"
  • Laying down next to Katie when she's getting changed.

Katie's current favourite things about being a Little Sister:
  • Being rocked. There's always someone to rock her.
  • Being squished beneath a blanket that has been lovingly laid out.
  • Having her hand held (and squeezed).
  • A protective Big Sis.
  • Being safe and clipped into the bouncer every single time.
  • Having toys and books placed around her by Milla.
I'm loving watching this relationship grow! They complete each other.

What's been your favourite part about watching your kids together? Anything I should watch out for (lovely or otherwise? I've been warned about eye poking...!) Leave a comment and let me know!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Moo Pillowcases

In January MrMoo and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. We follow the traditional gift themes, the 4th year being linen / flowers and fruits. I gave MrMoo a new shirt and he printed a picture of His and Hers pillowcases, vowing to give them to me when he was more organised.

Months passed...


I took the picture off my fridge and just decided to make them myself. I gathered what I needed before Baby and stored it away, knowing full well that once I had a new snuggly baby I would just need to create. I wasn't wrong. Just like with my last baby I had an overwhelming urge to create and achieve. On days when it seems like nothing gets done its nice to know you can finish something.

So here are our Mr and Mrs Moo pillowcases! Happy anniversary to us!

Is it a little self centered that we have our nicknames on our pillows? Please don't judge us! Ha!

I actually really loved making these. The font, the black and white, the clean lines. Tracing the words, ironing them on, stitching around them - every part of the process was so pleasing to me!

If you want some pillows like this and can't do them yourself just email me! :)

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Katie Updatie - Month 1

It's now 4 weeks since that Friday night that I spent tidying, vacuuming, hanging bunting and washing out the toilet bowl. Even though I wasn't in labour yet I knew that you were on your way and would be born some time in the night.

I was so excited to meet you.

Now that you've been earth side for four weeks I find it hard to imagine a time without you. You were always supposed to be part of our family, it's just feels so right. I thank God for that and for you. He really did know you and knit you together with a plan and a purpose. I can't wait to see it unfold. I hope as parents we can do everything possible to guide and encourage you towards those plans. 

So. Your first month? I'll try to be practical, knowing that you may well be reading this in the future...

You are a delight!

You sleep well, occasionally drifting off on your own accord. You snooze next to our bed in the bassinet that your Uncle Muz and Aunty Bec lent us. You've had a blocked nose these last few weeks (blame your sister and dad!) so you make lots of hilarious and troubling sounds during the night.

You were jaundice for about a week and then it passed and along came hormone spots which you still have (they'll go soon, promise.)

You breastfeed well. Initially we had a tiny dilemma trying to get you latched to a particular side but one trip to the osteopath sorted that out! (I'm a believer in them now). You're gaining weight like a champion and I keep telling myself all those chocolate biscuits that I'm eating are doing you good! 

You've already had an overnight stay in Hanmer with the Moo2 whanau and been visited by Aunty Izy and Hollie and Perry from Australia! (Their love for you is bigger than oceans!). Nana Ngaire has been to look after us for a week and Granddad Jimmy calls almost everyday to check in on his girls. 

Your big Sister completely loves you! It's like she's been wanting you as her sister her whole life. She gets so concerned when she finds one of your hats and you don't have it on! It has to go on your head straight away or there will be tears!! She does up your buckle on the bouncer and perfectly lays out your blanket across your legs. She gives you kisses on the top of your head and when she holds you she shrieks with laughter whenever you squirm! Your relationship together is adorable and I know it's only going to grow as you learn more about each other! I'm so thrilled you have each other.

You and Milla look almost identical as babies. I cannot believe the similarities!! The jaw, chin, nose, forehead, hair line are all the same! In the last week you've started to open up your big wide blue eyes, they are beautiful and so pure! You were born with black hair but its turning light brown with a copper tone, exactly what Millas did too until hers all fell out and regrew blonde. I'm expecting that to happen to you too. Although I have to keep reminding myself you are different.

When your dad gets home from work he loves to hold you, you'll often fall asleep on his chest which is where you'll stay for the next few hours! He loves cuddle time and likes to make up nicknames for you. He says he feels blessed because he gets to have a baby all over again, he knows how important you are and doesn't take that lightly.

(sorry about the red between your eyes in these photos... that was my attempt at grooming you... although it looks like a birth mark its not)

You're actually a really easy baby, Katie. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to handle having a new born and a toddler but really I've been surprised with how easy its been. You just fit in with everything we do. You're a great sleeper and feeder and all things considered we have it pretty good! Sure, there's been sleepless nights, but they are followed by a day of rest and recovery. Nothing we can't handle!

I feel blessed to have you as a daughter Katie. Thank you for coming into our lives and changing it all over again. Life will never be the same and we wouldn't want it any different!

Be strong baby girl, grow grow grow (but not tooo quickly!!!), we love you.

Love Mum and Dad

Millas 1 Month Update

Friday, July 19, 2013

First Outing

This week I quickly went through my blog archives to find out what life was like with a newborn Milla. I was disappointed with my lack of blogging about life. I still blogged lots but about other things. What was I thinking?! Oh yeah, I didn't want to overload my friends and family with boring newborn tales. Well stuff them! This stuff needs to be remembered (especially when I'm battling with baby brain!).

Yesterday, Thursday, I got up in the morning, got two girls dressed and fed (Katie's is just under 4 weeks old) and we were out of the door in the pram and Moby wrap by 9am. WHAT. I know (wheres my medal??). There was a break in the freezing weather, the sky was clear and a balmy 11degrees and we took our chances.

Our first outing together (alone) went surprisingly well. We don't have a car because MrMoo needs to take it to work in the morning, so our only option is to walk somewhere. We're yet to buy a double pram. So.. Moby it is! I love baby snuggles in the Moby! (and our family seriously needs to sort out its transport woes. I'm going a little stir crazy stuck at home!)

On the walk to the mall a young boy yelled at me "Why do you have your kid down your top!?" (hilarious)

We met Dawn and Amanda* at our local mall and had fluffies and lattes together while all our girls played together on the indoor playground. (Katie snoozed the whole time on my chest) It was SO good to have some conversation and enjoy a real coffee! Like, really really good! It also felt good to make the walk there and use my legs and breathe in the crisp air!

We're starting to get out of that newborn recovery mode and starting to get back into real life. It feels so good (and I'm desperately ready for winter to be over with so we can get out and enjoy!)

Loving my girl friends and their equally beautiful daughters!

*Dawn and Amanda were at my birth too, more on that later...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Homemade Play

I'm trying to do something intentional each day with Milla.

Last week I made play dough for the first time. What could have taken 10 minutes took me the whole. day. In between naps, hungry children and motherly demands I finally finished two batches of the soft stuff. I felt pretty proud (and exhausted. How will I ever have hobbies again!??) by the end of the day.

I used the post on homemade play dough from Modest Mom to guide me in my first attempt. The post came with free printable labels too and I used those to decorate my containers. I gave one batch away to a little Lion turning two at the weekend. The container and labels really helped make it a presentable gift!

I made two batches of the dough which gave me enough to make six smaller sized pieces. I saved the colouring for after it came off the stove because I wanted lots of smaller colours rather than one huge lot of the same.

I did destroy my skin with food colouring, next time I'll be more careful / just make one batch at the time and colour it while its in the pot!

Millas play dough tendancies are to keep the colours seperate and after I have rolled them all in balls to put them back in the container. Then out of the container. Then back in the container. And out of the container. She is so neat and so interesting to watch.

We'll be playing with this more, I think its good for her to figure out how to play with something "messy" in her own way.

So, I managed to make something! With a newborn! Huzzah!

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Life In My Bag

Eco Store have just launched a #MyLifeInMyBag hashtag event / competition. Up for grabs are 100 of their lipbalms, and after doing a fabulous giveaway for them a few weeks ago and hearing ALL about how much you all LOVE their lip balm I knew this was something I would have to support.

So here you go, my bag opened up for the world. You'll see me with this back pack slung over my shoulder while I direct a toddler and carry a baby in a capsule. 

I ditched the nappy bag / big handbag when Katie arrived. Having a newborn means you have to carry so many supplies, I went for the toddler back pack instead. (one day I hope to get a stylish nappy bag when I don't have to carry quite so much!)

What I Carry::

Lunch Box - Stuck On You - For all of Millas snacks.
Drink Bottles - One for Milla and one for Mum!
Back Pack - Penny Scallan
Breastmates Log Book - to record all of Katies feeds, nappy changes and sleep times. (I seriously love this)
Phone and Camera - For staying in touch and recording moments (i'm trying hard to remember my camera and to take photos!)
Tissues - Theres been a lot of snotty noses around here these last few weeks!
Pads - All manner of them. ALWAYS have spare pads.
Toddler Hat - Warehouse
Spare Baby Clothes - A complete basic change for those explosive... events. 
Nappies in the cutest nappy clutch you ever did see! (made by Treena and Holly) I like to have 4 newborn nappies on me at all times.
Wipes and sanitiser (there should be nappy bags pictured too!)

To join in the fun, post a photo on facebook, instagram, twitter etc using the hashtag #MyLifeInMyBag to show off whats in your handbag, briefcase, pocket etc! Then enter the comp on the EcoStore page here

If you join in leave a link in the comments here so I can check yours out (and hopefully I wont feel as excessive as I do now!)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


You can add hairdresser to my growing resume... Along with snot wiper, manicurist, doctor, artist and milk-maker, all under the job title "Mother".

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Her First Day

Just like last time, the first day of Katies life was spent in a hot dim room skin to skin with her parents. 

I couldn't imagine it any other way. We feel so blessed. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Handmade Baby Gifts

Having my second daughter I really didn't expect any gifts. However, Katie and myself have been ridiculously blessed by so many people. Starting from the surprise baby shower, 2 weeks worth of delicious fresh meals and baking from our Church, and a whole lot of beautifully wrapped practical and lovely gifts! 

Most of all its so touching to me as a mother to know that people still love and want to make a big deal about my second. That really does mean a lot. 

I wanted to show off a few of the handmade gifts here to recognise the bloggers who gave them in secret. Each were such a surprise, from a colourful nappy and wipes carrier, handmade shoes, blankets and quilts and clothing. 

We received so much more than this from so many generous family and friends. Thank you to everyone for your love!!

 (Thank you cards have been written and are slowly making their way to you.)

Those featured here:

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Milla Meets Katie

That first sharing moment

I was so nervous about the meeting of Sisters. I needn't have been. 

It felt like a make or break it moment when I heard the sliding door to our apartment open and Milla step inside. She had spent the whole day at her Nanny and Poppas after being picked up around 3am when I was in labour.

Initially we had planned to leave her in her bed if I was labouring at night. We like routine. Milla likes routine. But in those hasty moments of preparing and calling midwives and support friends, Nanny was called too. Suddenly the proximity of my labouring area and Millas bedroom was apparent.  I was aware of waking her and having to deal with organising something I couldn't think about when I was trying to focus on birth.

She arrived back about 5pm a night, still in her PJs and with a big smile. She had loved her time with Nanny and Poppa. 

Milla appeared in the doorway. She was tentative, she knew something was going on as she entered our dimly lit bedroom.

The first meeting was quiet and filled with curiosity. Afterwards MrMoo got her organised and put her to bed.

The next morning is when the magic happened. After waking she made her way down to our bedroom,  after peering in through the crack in the door she bounded in, pointing and yelling "BAYYBEE!!". Within seconds Milla was on our bed and sharing her beloved Duckie and Tiger with her new Sister, along with planting wet kisses on her face. 

My heart grew! What relief!

I was amazed at how much of a natural she was! We were aware of forcing her to do something she didn't want to do, so were thrilled when she wanted to share her toys and kiss her Sister without our prompts!

The last two and a half weeks have been living out that one moment. Milla is filled with curiosity, love and gentleness for her little Sis. I'm so glad we could give that relationship to them both. Sisters for life! Long may it last!

((Looky, MrMoo is having tshirt dejavu with his newborn!))

Monday, July 8, 2013

BirthWeek WINNERS!

Thank you so much for celebrating Katies BirthWeek with us! I had lots of fun being able to offer you all of the giveaways, and as usual loved dealing with the beautiful and generous people behind the companies!

I hope over the last week I could introduce you to some fabulous NZ businesses and perhaps inspire you for your next purchase or gift!

And now, the winners! If you're listed below, I've already sent you an email! If you don't respond within a week I'll pick another :) 

Stuck On You - winter PJ set from their new personalised clothing line!

2x Clip on Cami's from Breastmates

Mum Organiser from Scamps Boutique

Baby Care Pack from Ecostore

Sweet Shoes from All About Heidi

Prize Pack from Qwerky Home

Dandelion Shoes from Big Little

Congratulations to all of the winners! xxx

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Junes Month

June:: Birth Prep

It was always going to be that June would be a focussed month - the time when my baby girl was due. I knew well ahead of time that I wanted to be organised so that I could simplify and equip myself mentally and physically for what lay ahead.

As a result the blog went a little quieter than usual, and when I did stop in it was mostly about baby prep. Such is life!

In June Milla and I had Norovirus, I wrote a letter to my second baby, I showed off the baby moon bedroom that I had prepared (and now I'm SO glad we did! We swapped rooms around, freshened things up a little and got rid of some junk!)

I finished a set of chair pads (one of the danglies has now broken, oops!)

Finally, Baby arrived! I blogged about my last day at home with Milla (a super special time. I'm glad it was such a nice day for us both!!), and then announced the arrival of Katie.


In June I had some really supportive sponsors! Lots of them gave away items in the BirthWeek celebrations, and I'm so thrilled these businesses want to be part of my space too! Please take some time to visit them, they make this blog possible!

Anna Wilson-Farrell, of online gift and homeware store Qwerky Home, gets super excited about sustainably produced, fun and offbeat homewares, gifts, furniture and stationery. 
Anna is proud to stock some amazing creations from New Zealand and overseas and tries to seek out other small enterprises to support. Many of the products are made of eco-friendly materials  – some made of recycled plastic, recycled card and mdf, using sustainable natural inks and items that simply trigger that 'love it, must have it' feeling. 

Qwerky Home is seriously cool, just hop over to their easy to use website to see their huge range of homewares, childrens gifts and accessories!! I'm currently loving their noahs ark wall decals

An online ecoproduct store for mums, babies and kids have some great products that are worth checking out! 

I love their philosophy and it suits me perfectly, they have a big range of baby and toddler gear, so if you're thinking of buying Baby Moo2 a gift let me point you in the direction of their baby toys, heehee

A mother-daughter duo Based in Gisborne, More Than Fabric are a real craft store as well as having a great online sales and social presence. Their online shop is well stocked full of fabrics, haberdashery and sales! If you're in Gisborne, they also run craft classes and groups so check them out!

More than Fabric will be around Sophie Slim for a while so head over and make yourself familiar. They'll be doing a review/giveaway later on too! Yipee!

I'm loving the blue trees print, as well as their fabric sale page! 

Onsie Bummsie are all about cute baby bottoms that dont quite fit in their onesies - You might have a big chubba, or a skinny malinky longy, You can make your onesies stretch even further with extenders! 

They can be washed and reused over and over and over again, saving you money on onesies and getting them to fit just right! 

You can buy the extenders in a pack or individually and they come in different sizes and colours!

Handmade jewellery from Christchurch, New Zealand. Completely beautiful! 

Have you seen their new Luxe range? Its devine, and like it says, it looks like luxury! They are beautiful! Hello Lovely jewellery is unique, well made and packaged beautifully, it would make the perfect gift or as a lovely winter-treat for yourself!


((if you're interested in having your blog or brand represented on Sophie Slim check out my advertising options)

Thanks for reading my blog this month! Its a pleasure to turn up here day after day and to see your words left for me!  :)

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