Saturday, July 20, 2013

Katie Updatie - Month 1

It's now 4 weeks since that Friday night that I spent tidying, vacuuming, hanging bunting and washing out the toilet bowl. Even though I wasn't in labour yet I knew that you were on your way and would be born some time in the night.

I was so excited to meet you.

Now that you've been earth side for four weeks I find it hard to imagine a time without you. You were always supposed to be part of our family, it's just feels so right. I thank God for that and for you. He really did know you and knit you together with a plan and a purpose. I can't wait to see it unfold. I hope as parents we can do everything possible to guide and encourage you towards those plans. 

So. Your first month? I'll try to be practical, knowing that you may well be reading this in the future...

You are a delight!

You sleep well, occasionally drifting off on your own accord. You snooze next to our bed in the bassinet that your Uncle Muz and Aunty Bec lent us. You've had a blocked nose these last few weeks (blame your sister and dad!) so you make lots of hilarious and troubling sounds during the night.

You were jaundice for about a week and then it passed and along came hormone spots which you still have (they'll go soon, promise.)

You breastfeed well. Initially we had a tiny dilemma trying to get you latched to a particular side but one trip to the osteopath sorted that out! (I'm a believer in them now). You're gaining weight like a champion and I keep telling myself all those chocolate biscuits that I'm eating are doing you good! 

You've already had an overnight stay in Hanmer with the Moo2 whanau and been visited by Aunty Izy and Hollie and Perry from Australia! (Their love for you is bigger than oceans!). Nana Ngaire has been to look after us for a week and Granddad Jimmy calls almost everyday to check in on his girls. 

Your big Sister completely loves you! It's like she's been wanting you as her sister her whole life. She gets so concerned when she finds one of your hats and you don't have it on! It has to go on your head straight away or there will be tears!! She does up your buckle on the bouncer and perfectly lays out your blanket across your legs. She gives you kisses on the top of your head and when she holds you she shrieks with laughter whenever you squirm! Your relationship together is adorable and I know it's only going to grow as you learn more about each other! I'm so thrilled you have each other.

You and Milla look almost identical as babies. I cannot believe the similarities!! The jaw, chin, nose, forehead, hair line are all the same! In the last week you've started to open up your big wide blue eyes, they are beautiful and so pure! You were born with black hair but its turning light brown with a copper tone, exactly what Millas did too until hers all fell out and regrew blonde. I'm expecting that to happen to you too. Although I have to keep reminding myself you are different.

When your dad gets home from work he loves to hold you, you'll often fall asleep on his chest which is where you'll stay for the next few hours! He loves cuddle time and likes to make up nicknames for you. He says he feels blessed because he gets to have a baby all over again, he knows how important you are and doesn't take that lightly.

(sorry about the red between your eyes in these photos... that was my attempt at grooming you... although it looks like a birth mark its not)

You're actually a really easy baby, Katie. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to handle having a new born and a toddler but really I've been surprised with how easy its been. You just fit in with everything we do. You're a great sleeper and feeder and all things considered we have it pretty good! Sure, there's been sleepless nights, but they are followed by a day of rest and recovery. Nothing we can't handle!

I feel blessed to have you as a daughter Katie. Thank you for coming into our lives and changing it all over again. Life will never be the same and we wouldn't want it any different!

Be strong baby girl, grow grow grow (but not tooo quickly!!!), we love you.

Love Mum and Dad

Millas 1 Month Update


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