Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sister Files

Millas current Big Sister status:
  • Loves rearranging Katies blanket so she's completely tucked in, with a big push on her belly just to be sure
  • If no blanket is in sight Milla will share her precious yellow fluffy blanket with Katie, she'll spend whole minutes arranging it on her, only to rip it off quickly and yell NO
  • Being the first to hear Katie cry she'll say "Katie milk, Katie wake"
  • She's suddenly realised her toys and dolls need a Mama too. They get tucked in and get bibs and nappies on as well.
  • Being protective, if someone gets too close to Katie and they haven't been pre-approved visitors she'll try and pull Katie away from them.
  • Kisses. Lots and lots of spontaneous kisses.
  • Milla loves to hold Katie in her arms in a big cuddle position. When ever Katie squirms she giggles with delight
  • Katies sneezes get an immediate "Bless you Katie" response... Which actually sounds more like "BledoTatie"
  • Loves to put hats on Katie. If there's a hat nearby and Katie doesn't have it on her head there'll be trouble!
  • Rocking the bouncer, rocking the capsule, rocking anything.
  • Walking down the hallways towards our bedroom and saying "shhhhhhhhh"
  • Laying down next to Katie when she's getting changed.

Katie's current favourite things about being a Little Sister:
  • Being rocked. There's always someone to rock her.
  • Being squished beneath a blanket that has been lovingly laid out.
  • Having her hand held (and squeezed).
  • A protective Big Sis.
  • Being safe and clipped into the bouncer every single time.
  • Having toys and books placed around her by Milla.
I'm loving watching this relationship grow! They complete each other.

What's been your favourite part about watching your kids together? Anything I should watch out for (lovely or otherwise? I've been warned about eye poking...!) Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. My oldest son loved to get nappies, wipes and bibs for me. Baby #2 was prone to reflux and so a little voice would say "oh Adam!" and run off to find a towel when milk was brought back up onto the carpet or furniture. Lately we have been having issues where Mr 3 wanders off and shuts doors behind him, forgetting that his brother is crawling behind him, resulting in a few squashed fingers.

    1. CUTE!!! Holy Moley!! Milla is an excellent nappy getter!

  2. Sibling love... It is truly amazing and so incredibly special x

  3. Oh my gosh, such love and all round cute-ness!


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