Thursday, November 21, 2013

Random Second Baby Related Thoughts

  • I still cannot believe how well my second birth went. I thought the first went well enough but I had no idea how it could be even better. I'm so so grateful and thankful for that experience. I almost wish I had it filmed now, I wish I could show you it (but also not, you know).
  • I never knew If I was "a baby mum" or not. You know how some say they loved the baby years, and others say they were so glad to get out of it. Well now that I have a toddler and a baby, I can definitely say I prefer the baby moments. She's just SO EASY guys. All she does is sleep, eat and smile. It's crazy adorable.
  • Some times I wonder what the heck I did as a first time Mum. Why did I feel so busy?! But then I take the guilt off, I -was- busy. It's all relative. I'm sure if I had 10 kids I'd be thinking the same thoughts for when I "only had 5 kids".
  • I'm kind of in mourning for the last 5 months. Where did that time go? Seriously guys, it's getting me down. Why on earth was I so concerned with to-do lists and keeping busy!??! I know. Deep down I was trying to feel like I was achieving something. When each day seems to be useless, so "busy" just living its nice to have an acomplishment. But now I wonder, did I cuddle my baby enough? Did I smell her? Did I kiss her cheeks enough? It worries me, I'll be honest. That other -stuff- I was doing, pointless in comparison. 
  • I'm learning so much more about myself as I get to the end of myself. Who am I really?
  • I'm also trying to learn what fills me up. What fills my happy cup? and focussing on that. I'm in need of some serious filling to overflowing these days. It feels like my cup has holes in the bottom and its all draining out. My crochet mix blanket helps, I've mostly ditched the lists, I've created more space in my day, I've been on a few runs by myself, I've started reading a fantastic book. And when I get a smart phone again (hopefully soonish), I'll be back into reading The Word more regularly again. It all helps to clear some space.
  • I love my girls so so much.
  • It's awesome to see them growing together as sisters. There are definitely extreme moments. It's not all cute instagram pictures around here. Some times Milla has just had enough and who knows what she's capable of, other moments she's laying down with Katie telling her about the sky outside. Being 2 is very hard, did you know?
  • It's all learning and it's all life. Let's all just take a chill pill and let it happen, okay?
No need to comment, I'm just thinking out-loud here :)

I hope everyone reading this is feeling well and having their happy cups filled. Love to you xx

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Coming Up In The Sisterhood

Hey Sisters! This is a bit of a house keeping post :)

I'm still on a bit of a high after the Ninja Cookie Bake! It blew all my expectations and was such a success! Thank you for being part of it and making it what it was. That's what the Sisterhood is, it's all of us. So we couldn't have done the Ninja Bake without you!

I'm looking forward to the Craft Love Festival coming up at the end of November in Christchurch. They'll have a giving tree there collecting gifts for The Sisterhood love bombs. I'll also be there to hang out and talk to people! I had all these grand dreams of a craft table for card making for the love bombs etc but it all just started to stress me out. So I scaled back and make plans for what I could actually achieve. And that was turning up on the night. So that's what I'll be doing!! Ha ha.

Hazel, who also runs Craft Love Festival is the editor and creator of the Hazed magazine. She's given me a regular column spot in her mag to write about The Sisterhood / encourage her readers. It's been published online for over a year now, but this December is being released for the first time in real-life-print. I am SO excited for Hazel (she really works the hardest out of anyone I've ever known!!!) and I'm excited to see The Sisterhood in print! Yippee!! I'll let you know how you can get a copy when I know :)

In the lead up to Christmas I'm also scaling back. Some time about a month ago I realised I had a very little baby, a toddler starving for adventures and attention and a house to look after. That filled my "achievable cup" so I've decided to go light on Christmas in regards to The Sisterhood this year. If i'm going to do anything, I want to do it well.

Also, we've been given our notice and will need to be shifting at the end of January. With the housing / renting market in Christchurch this worries me a little and we aren't sure what sort of place we'll get next. Hopefully we'll have some spare room to house the sisterhood HQ, but in the mean time I'll be making Love Bombs up to my hearts content to use up what we currently have (then I also don't need to shift it!) and whatever we gather from Craft Love Festival and sending them before that happens. (no need to send anything new in, except perhaps Chocolate. We always need chocolate! ;))

I'll be going through my emails / past nominations to find people to send them to, but if you have someone in mind as you read this then send me an email on sophie AT to refresh my memory! :)

So in summary, The Sisterhood is an exciting place to belong to, and we couldn't do this without you!! I'll be at Craft Love Festival on the 29th November in Christchurch and I'll be making up Love Bombs before Christmas as and when I can using what we already have. The Moo2's will be moving at the end of January, location unknown, if you know of anywhere affordable in Christchurch for our little whanau let me know! Until then, The Sisterhood may be a tad quiet while we sort our lives out and focus on doing it well!

Love to all of you xxx

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happy 25!

Oh hey, today is the 13th of November! That means its my BIRTHDAY! Yahoo!!

25 years on this planet, lucky huh!! 

Honorable thanks go to my parents for bringing me into this world. Being a 5th kid, i'm pretty lucky to be here really! 

This morning I've been to our church womens group, they all sang me happy birthday and gave me flowers, then had lunch with my dad, sis in law and niece.

I'm about to clean up the house and will await my handsome hubs coming home from work! I have a new dress from Breastmates and everything to wear tonight! I hope something exciting is happening!

No pictures from this year to show you, this photo above is from the champagne breakfast I threw last year for my birthday with my closest girls. (I never ended up showing you sorry!) Except I ended up drinking sparkling grape juice and announcing to them all that I was with child! Exciting! No news like that this year! ha! 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Thoughts

  • This weekend MrMoo, myself and the girls went to join the Young Adults from Church at their retreat near Akaroa this week. We only went over for the day, arriving at 10am and getting home at midnight but it was well worth the trip, I'm glad we made it for some of the weekend.
  • Today is Nanny's birthday. She's really good to us, she is. It's a pleasure to celebrate with her. We sat under a tree all afternoon and got to hear all about Poppas long hair when they were young and just met. Yeeeow! 
  • Our house that we have rented for the last 2+ years has sold, and we've been given our notice for the end of Jan. I'm terrified of moving. Of the finding a house that we can even afford (is that still possible!?) in Christchurch, the time frame, the kids, the packing. Since we moved last a lot has changed. If I think about it I feel sick, can't think about it, can't. Bleugh. Help? BUT you know, we've always found a place in the past and it's always been perfect for the season we're in at the time, so just trying to remember that. Pray for us? Help us find a place? Help us pack? Please and thank you!
  • It's my birthday this week, my only request has been that MrMoo dates me. Like a real, actual date. I plan to wear a dress. Wine and dine me, Babe! 
  • I've been going to our Church's womens ministry morning on a Wednesday. Lots and lots of ladies, all different ages together to worship, pray and do studies. AND. They run a creche for all our offspring. Booyah. 
  • I realised this week that I have a MONTH of giveaways for you in the lead up to Christmas for fabulous partners! Take that, Ellen! I hope there's something you like!
  • I am just SO crazy proud of Sarah and Simone for both self-publishing and releasing their books this month! I've bought both of them and can't wait to read them to Milla! Lots of people have grand ideas, but these ladies actually set about doing them. That thrills me! HOWAWESOME! 
Here's to a good week, girls! Keep on breathing! 


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pretty Birds Jewellery GIVEAWAY

Pretty Birds are back on Sophie Slim! It's a pleasure, really. Pretty Birds were the first small business to advertise with Sophie Slim and have been a huge Sisterhood supporter ever since! I love em, love em I do!

In fact, when Lee saw a picture of my little Sisterhood office area she sent me a photo of this necklace that she had made and sells in her online store and asked if I'd like to give it away to one of my readers. She's thoughtful like it.

It's my Sisterhood mantra, the strong words sum up who I would like to be as a woman, one of strength and dignity with the ability and lightness to laugh without fear. These words can be found in Proverbs 31, a beautiful chapter of The Bible that leaves much to be desired for my own life. 

Proverbs 31:25  "She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future".  Attached to the quote is a small image of a magnolia flower, a flower that symbolises dignity; and a swallow charm, signifying freedom (from fear).  The lucky winner is able to choose either an antique bronze or antique silver setting.

This would make a perfect Christmas gift for someone in your life, or could adorn your own neck and provide a reminder of strength and courage. 

**Giveaway now closed - Congratulations Angyla!**


Be in to win a Strength and Dignity necklace with a choice of your setting (antique bronze or silver) Simply visit the Pretty Birds online store and leave a comment with your email address telling me what you love! 

For extra entries you can:
Sign up to the Mailing List here (get the info on new releases, discounts and sales!)
[leave an extra comment for each extra entry]

Giveaway closes November 13th 2013 (oh hey, my birthday!! ;)) Winner will be announced on this post, on the Sophie Slim Facebook Page and will be emailed.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Octobers Month

(just a few gift Ideas incase you want to splash out on me ;) )

October, you went by so quickly. It got far too busy and when I think about it my heart beats a little too fast just remembering the pressure. Ninja bakes, babies, all that stuff. As a result, this is a few days late, whoopsies! The good news is I've reassessed and prioritised. Good girl, Sophie.

I'm looking forward to Christmas, my gifts are already being bought. This year I'm buying from local and New Zealand small businesses. The gifts so far have been of an exceptional quality and i'm excited to be able to support someone else's Christmas too!

And that wee break at the end of the year? Its in my sights!! I can't wait!

Katie Updatie Month 4

I'm a little bit late with this 4 month milestone, but these photos were taken on the day of. 

4 short months, only a whisper in the grand scheme of a life time, but it already feels like you have made your mark. I can't imagine life without you, Katie. You are so precious, so lovely, and have stolen my heart. I love you so much.

This month you've been chatting more, infact some times we can't shut you up! You blab on and on, and love to be spoken to. You have real conversations with us, we love our chats! 

Your favourite position is standing face to face on someones lap. You value eye contact and will respond with smiles, giggles and joyful squeels to anyone who will give you some time in their day. Anyone, really. You are a people person! It's a delight.

You're sleeping in your cot now and sharing a room with your big sister Camilla. It's going well so far, and you don't seem to wake each other up. You're sleeping through the night which I am so thankful for! It means your Dad and I can go out at night and know that you will stay in bed. Long may that last! You wake around 4am for another feed and then go back to sleep till Milla inevitably wakes you up. 

Your hair is a beautiful rusty red or dark brown. It has different sections of each. We're not sure which way it will swing, but I think you'll end up just like your Daddy. Whatever it is, it's completely beautiful. And your eyes, woweee, a beautiful brilliant blue, just like your Sisters.

And a teeny tiny dimple impressed into your cheek, melt my heart why don'tcha Katie.

Milla loves to hold you, you try and kiss her / suck her face and she giggles and giggles! She also pats your head and says "hi precious""Hi Tatie", or when your crying she'll rock your bouncer and say "go to sleep tatie" haha! She's learning to be gentle and is a great Big Sister in the making!

Well, we made it out of winter together, high fives for that! I'm looking forward to a fun summer with you, filled with sun hats, sun screen, parks and adventures with our family.

Love you Baby Moo2.

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[Romper sent from Aunty Amy in London]

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