Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Thoughts

  • This weekend MrMoo, myself and the girls went to join the Young Adults from Church at their retreat near Akaroa this week. We only went over for the day, arriving at 10am and getting home at midnight but it was well worth the trip, I'm glad we made it for some of the weekend.
  • Today is Nanny's birthday. She's really good to us, she is. It's a pleasure to celebrate with her. We sat under a tree all afternoon and got to hear all about Poppas long hair when they were young and just met. Yeeeow! 
  • Our house that we have rented for the last 2+ years has sold, and we've been given our notice for the end of Jan. I'm terrified of moving. Of the finding a house that we can even afford (is that still possible!?) in Christchurch, the time frame, the kids, the packing. Since we moved last a lot has changed. If I think about it I feel sick, can't think about it, can't. Bleugh. Help? BUT you know, we've always found a place in the past and it's always been perfect for the season we're in at the time, so just trying to remember that. Pray for us? Help us find a place? Help us pack? Please and thank you!
  • It's my birthday this week, my only request has been that MrMoo dates me. Like a real, actual date. I plan to wear a dress. Wine and dine me, Babe! 
  • I've been going to our Church's womens ministry morning on a Wednesday. Lots and lots of ladies, all different ages together to worship, pray and do studies. AND. They run a creche for all our offspring. Booyah. 
  • I realised this week that I have a MONTH of giveaways for you in the lead up to Christmas for fabulous partners! Take that, Ellen! I hope there's something you like!
  • I am just SO crazy proud of Sarah and Simone for both self-publishing and releasing their books this month! I've bought both of them and can't wait to read them to Milla! Lots of people have grand ideas, but these ladies actually set about doing them. That thrills me! HOWAWESOME! 
Here's to a good week, girls! Keep on breathing! 



  1. Sophie, I felt exactly the same about finding a new place for us a few weeks ago! Looking on Trade Me with it's crazy prices was sooo discouraging and I really worried, even though, like you, we've always had the most amazing, perfect-for-us places! And then out of the blue came this place we just moved into a week ago. So I'm praying for and trusting with you for the same answer to pray. In fact I believe you'll have a great place, and it will be fun to hear the story and see what it looks like for you guys :) xx

  2. we were in the exact same postion when our first two kids were about the same age with our rental. We ended up living with my parents for 15 months and it drove me mental! haha
    BUT amazing miracles did happen and eventually we ended up with our own place which can only be explaned as a total God thing. Hang in there

  3. Ohhhhh - moving with two kids, I haven't had to do that yet (but living in a rental, I'm sure it'll come eventually)... will be praying for a stress-free Christmas / New Year, and the perfect house for you come end of Jan! Would pop in and help if I could - but Auckland is a little too far!

  4. This school librarian needs to know abut those 2 books - please tell me the details thanks.

    1. Hi Kimberley!

      Simones Christmas kids book:

      Sarah's Little Tree (NZ natives) book:

  5. I'm sure you guys will find a place that is exactly what you need - hang in there x

  6. Sophie I will be there to help you pack (and move!!) I can also supply iceblocks.
    Could you get in touch with a few agents and get them to look out for you? They know of places before they go on TM etc.


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