Sunday, November 17, 2013

Coming Up In The Sisterhood

Hey Sisters! This is a bit of a house keeping post :)

I'm still on a bit of a high after the Ninja Cookie Bake! It blew all my expectations and was such a success! Thank you for being part of it and making it what it was. That's what the Sisterhood is, it's all of us. So we couldn't have done the Ninja Bake without you!

I'm looking forward to the Craft Love Festival coming up at the end of November in Christchurch. They'll have a giving tree there collecting gifts for The Sisterhood love bombs. I'll also be there to hang out and talk to people! I had all these grand dreams of a craft table for card making for the love bombs etc but it all just started to stress me out. So I scaled back and make plans for what I could actually achieve. And that was turning up on the night. So that's what I'll be doing!! Ha ha.

Hazel, who also runs Craft Love Festival is the editor and creator of the Hazed magazine. She's given me a regular column spot in her mag to write about The Sisterhood / encourage her readers. It's been published online for over a year now, but this December is being released for the first time in real-life-print. I am SO excited for Hazel (she really works the hardest out of anyone I've ever known!!!) and I'm excited to see The Sisterhood in print! Yippee!! I'll let you know how you can get a copy when I know :)

In the lead up to Christmas I'm also scaling back. Some time about a month ago I realised I had a very little baby, a toddler starving for adventures and attention and a house to look after. That filled my "achievable cup" so I've decided to go light on Christmas in regards to The Sisterhood this year. If i'm going to do anything, I want to do it well.

Also, we've been given our notice and will need to be shifting at the end of January. With the housing / renting market in Christchurch this worries me a little and we aren't sure what sort of place we'll get next. Hopefully we'll have some spare room to house the sisterhood HQ, but in the mean time I'll be making Love Bombs up to my hearts content to use up what we currently have (then I also don't need to shift it!) and whatever we gather from Craft Love Festival and sending them before that happens. (no need to send anything new in, except perhaps Chocolate. We always need chocolate! ;))

I'll be going through my emails / past nominations to find people to send them to, but if you have someone in mind as you read this then send me an email on sophie AT to refresh my memory! :)

So in summary, The Sisterhood is an exciting place to belong to, and we couldn't do this without you!! I'll be at Craft Love Festival on the 29th November in Christchurch and I'll be making up Love Bombs before Christmas as and when I can using what we already have. The Moo2's will be moving at the end of January, location unknown, if you know of anywhere affordable in Christchurch for our little whanau let me know! Until then, The Sisterhood may be a tad quiet while we sort our lives out and focus on doing it well!

Love to all of you xxx

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