Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Katie Updatie Month 4

I'm a little bit late with this 4 month milestone, but these photos were taken on the day of. 

4 short months, only a whisper in the grand scheme of a life time, but it already feels like you have made your mark. I can't imagine life without you, Katie. You are so precious, so lovely, and have stolen my heart. I love you so much.

This month you've been chatting more, infact some times we can't shut you up! You blab on and on, and love to be spoken to. You have real conversations with us, we love our chats! 

Your favourite position is standing face to face on someones lap. You value eye contact and will respond with smiles, giggles and joyful squeels to anyone who will give you some time in their day. Anyone, really. You are a people person! It's a delight.

You're sleeping in your cot now and sharing a room with your big sister Camilla. It's going well so far, and you don't seem to wake each other up. You're sleeping through the night which I am so thankful for! It means your Dad and I can go out at night and know that you will stay in bed. Long may that last! You wake around 4am for another feed and then go back to sleep till Milla inevitably wakes you up. 

Your hair is a beautiful rusty red or dark brown. It has different sections of each. We're not sure which way it will swing, but I think you'll end up just like your Daddy. Whatever it is, it's completely beautiful. And your eyes, woweee, a beautiful brilliant blue, just like your Sisters.

And a teeny tiny dimple impressed into your cheek, melt my heart why don'tcha Katie.

Milla loves to hold you, you try and kiss her / suck her face and she giggles and giggles! She also pats your head and says "hi precious""Hi Tatie", or when your crying she'll rock your bouncer and say "go to sleep tatie" haha! She's learning to be gentle and is a great Big Sister in the making!

Well, we made it out of winter together, high fives for that! I'm looking forward to a fun summer with you, filled with sun hats, sun screen, parks and adventures with our family.

Love you Baby Moo2.

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[Romper sent from Aunty Amy in London]


  1. gosh she is just lovely and I can so see the resemblance between her and Milla x


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