Monday, February 24, 2014

The Cookie Project

Inspired by The Cookie Project (in which Lisa is delivering a batch of cookies to a difference house in her street each week) I decided to share my favourite cookie-time-esq-cookies with our neighbours on Valentines Day. They are a flat of hard working tradies, I figured they could use some doughey, chocolately goodness, and I really want a good relationship with the people around us.

They were quite surprised and repeated their thanks. It just so happens the next day they cleared up a massive pile of foliage that was blocking our shared driveway. When I inquired, they said "we figured we should get rid of it since its not fair to dump it there".

So, if one batch of cookies gets a dump-run and a clear driveway I wonder what a cake would get? heh. Jokes!

Thanks Lisa for the little push out the door! :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Crochet Mixed Blanket 3 (an overdue update)

After posting a photo on Instagram of my raging Friday night recently I realised I haven't updated you in foreverrr on my crochet mixed blanket. It started all the way back here and here when I was being very casual and mysterious about the whole thing.

I'm happy to say that I've almost finished it, I'm currently working on the aqua border but need to buy about 3 more balls of wool before I can finish it. Hopefully I'll get into the city this weekend so I can get this baby finished up.

She's been such a pleasure to create. Such a happy, joyful pleasure. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Connect Groups and Routine

Photo & filter c/- Camilla, November 2013

Last night we launched our connect group again that we have ran for the last 4 years. It's a group for young married couples to hang out, do a study on relationships, pray together and eat good food. Now that we have merged churches with another local church (that happened at the end of last winter, somehow I never mentioned it here though) there's a whole lot of new people to meet, and lots of them newly married! We had 14 of the lovelies in our lounge last night for the first one. I really do LOVE connect groups, and I'm thankful for every person that showed up, all new to me besties :) 

Tomorrow is the launch of a connect group I attend, its a women's ministry group on a Wednesday morning. Worship, prayer, bible study. I've never been to anything like it (except have been going since the end of last winter) and since joining it quickly became one of my favourite parts of my week. Our Church even set up a creche for all of us young mums from our "original" church (theres a lot of us! It means we can go without our kids(!!!!!)) so we could attend this already established group of ladies most of whom are much older in years, but young at heart, and full of wisdom. It's a pleasure to belong there. I'm looking forward to tomorrow relaunching.

Toddlerock finally starts back this week, another "connect group" of sorts that I am involved in running. I've missed it, and I've missed all of the beauties who come loyally each week who feel like old friends.

Finally, after long holidays things are getting back into a routine. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Lovin'

Guess the baby?! Camilla or Katie?

Here I am checking in on a Sunday night. I've come to loathe Sunday nights. They are more often than not spent alone, washing trashy TV in between cleaning all the things. 

I always wish I were somewhere else on a Sunday night. But here I am. 


Yesterday we spent the day celebrating under the hot sun two beautiful friends joining together in marriage. They are such lovely people, who gathered together all of their beautiful family and friends who clearly adored them. I couldn't speak more highly of two people. And their vows, wowee, the most specific, beautiful, hilarious vows I have ever heard!

My Sister is getting married next month. She and her hubs are coming all the way over from London to celebrate their relationship with us. I am BEYOND excited about it! NEXT MONTH! From London! Crazy! My big Sis! Proud!

Tomorrow night we're re-launching our connect group that we've run fortnightly for the last 4 years. We've got a whole new batch of young marrieds to hang out with since our churches have merged. I'm thrilled to get to know them, I wish it was Monday night already!!

Well, thats about it for tonight.


(PICTURED: Baby Camilla 6-7monthsish. Could also be recognised by the smoothness of MrMoos skin. Far out, he's handsome.)

Saturday, February 8, 2014


I've nearly completed my second week of training for the 14km City to Surf run in Christchurch in March.

I haven't really done any exercise since becoming pregnant over 3 years ago so this is a bit of a shock to the system (if you dont count all those km I tread each day getting from A to B with the pram and no car), although not an unwelcome one.

It feels good to be getting fit, slowly but surely. Mentally, too. Exercising the body does wonders for all things in your life. Funny how expending all that energy actually gives you more in return.

My one goal is to be able to keep up with MrMoo on race day. I thought training together could be some sort of marital bonding activity, and we can do the walks together with the pram (and they are lovely) but all of our training runs have been done seperately at night so far.

Looking at MrMoos run stats on his phone its becoming glaringly obvious that his big man legs give him a definite advantage. If I think about his stats all hopes and motivation for me shrink away by the second. I may need to trip him up on the start line. Just a little sprain, nothing major, just enough to slow him down a little....

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Goodbye Bordesley

Goodbye Bordesley, our first home together sans flat mates, the birthplace of our two children.

Although you were compact apartment living I miss your sunny north facing rooms, big sliding doors, dishwasher, big wardrobes and open plan living already! 

Treat your new owners we'll, okay? Give them lots of happy memories and bright days like you gave us!

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