Monday, February 24, 2014

The Cookie Project

Inspired by The Cookie Project (in which Lisa is delivering a batch of cookies to a difference house in her street each week) I decided to share my favourite cookie-time-esq-cookies with our neighbours on Valentines Day. They are a flat of hard working tradies, I figured they could use some doughey, chocolately goodness, and I really want a good relationship with the people around us.

They were quite surprised and repeated their thanks. It just so happens the next day they cleared up a massive pile of foliage that was blocking our shared driveway. When I inquired, they said "we figured we should get rid of it since its not fair to dump it there".

So, if one batch of cookies gets a dump-run and a clear driveway I wonder what a cake would get? heh. Jokes!

Thanks Lisa for the little push out the door! :)


  1. What a fabulous outcome :-)

  2. Yay! How cool you got such a great response. Amazing what a little batch of cookies can do and how good gifting them can make you feel. Feel free to link up :) Lisa x

  3. Love it. I need to do this too :0)

  4. That's an awesome response! Amazing what things can happen :)

  5. Love that a lil bit of kindness goes a long way
    Just dropped off plum jam in my street


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