Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Lovin'

Guess the baby?! Camilla or Katie?

Here I am checking in on a Sunday night. I've come to loathe Sunday nights. They are more often than not spent alone, washing trashy TV in between cleaning all the things. 

I always wish I were somewhere else on a Sunday night. But here I am. 


Yesterday we spent the day celebrating under the hot sun two beautiful friends joining together in marriage. They are such lovely people, who gathered together all of their beautiful family and friends who clearly adored them. I couldn't speak more highly of two people. And their vows, wowee, the most specific, beautiful, hilarious vows I have ever heard!

My Sister is getting married next month. She and her hubs are coming all the way over from London to celebrate their relationship with us. I am BEYOND excited about it! NEXT MONTH! From London! Crazy! My big Sis! Proud!

Tomorrow night we're re-launching our connect group that we've run fortnightly for the last 4 years. We've got a whole new batch of young marrieds to hang out with since our churches have merged. I'm thrilled to get to know them, I wish it was Monday night already!!

Well, thats about it for tonight.


(PICTURED: Baby Camilla 6-7monthsish. Could also be recognised by the smoothness of MrMoos skin. Far out, he's handsome.)

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  1. I picked Camilla! Win! Seems like so long ago now! Can't believe your Sis is getting married so soon! How fun for you!


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