Saturday, February 8, 2014


I've nearly completed my second week of training for the 14km City to Surf run in Christchurch in March.

I haven't really done any exercise since becoming pregnant over 3 years ago so this is a bit of a shock to the system (if you dont count all those km I tread each day getting from A to B with the pram and no car), although not an unwelcome one.

It feels good to be getting fit, slowly but surely. Mentally, too. Exercising the body does wonders for all things in your life. Funny how expending all that energy actually gives you more in return.

My one goal is to be able to keep up with MrMoo on race day. I thought training together could be some sort of marital bonding activity, and we can do the walks together with the pram (and they are lovely) but all of our training runs have been done seperately at night so far.

Looking at MrMoos run stats on his phone its becoming glaringly obvious that his big man legs give him a definite advantage. If I think about his stats all hopes and motivation for me shrink away by the second. I may need to trip him up on the start line. Just a little sprain, nothing major, just enough to slow him down a little....


  1. Good luck! I am doing the 5k Color Run in a couple of weeks but cannot do the City 2 Surf due to family commitments. Keep going, you'll do great!

  2. Hehe! Big man legs indeed, that's his advantage....but your spirit sounds like yours! I agree that making the effort to get moving, pays off in huge amounts, from increased energy to a calm mind! For me my bad back was the driving force to get me off the couch and into decision ever! Congrats for taking that step :)) xx

  3. Hang in there - and forget about MrMoo's stats - and just look after yourself :-).

  4. Maybe a small stone in his shoe LOL!?!


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