Friday, January 31, 2014

Anniversary 5

Here we are, so young. (How did our parents ever let us get married so fresh?) 5 years on and I can see we are ageing. Lines appear, hips widen, greys grow. But still, each day is fresh and new, not guaranteed or promised to us. Life is fleeting. The last few years have felt like I have blinked, and yet have been the longest of my life so far. 

I love you dearly, Graeme. Even more now than I did when we stood on that altar together declaring our love and devotion to our friends and family. If that is even possible. 

I remember walking so slowly up the aisle, my Dad holding my arm, slowing my walk, but walking out of time with the music.

You locked eyes with mine, you pulled your lips over your teeth and held them tightly together. You were composed, trying to keep it together. Your head bent down and went slightly to the side. You were focussed, but your eyes said it all. They popped, and I smiled. You didn't take your eyes off mine, and a smile managed to break through the composed exterior. I knew that face all to well, and I grinned from ear to ear beneath my sun struck veil.

Happy 5th wedding anniversary Honey.  

UPDATE: I found photographic evidence of the moment described above...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

4 o'clock

Here we are, another 4 o'clock rolls by.

A sliver of sun begins to creep in and with a sleeping baby I take my chance to bask in it.

You wander in, hot from playing host all day and worn from the weather, reaching your own limits.

We both reach the end of ourselves and wait for Daddy to arrive home. Soon?

Friday, January 24, 2014

Katie Updatie - Month 6

Only a month late with this one! And with the busyness of Christmas and holidaying I didn't get to take your traditional photos like we usually do. Instead, these photos are from over the Christmas period just after you hit the 6 month milestone.

We went to visit Nana and Grandad on the Westcoast, and Nanny and Poppa joined us for Christmas too! 

You were an absolute pleasure to take away on holiday. You slept when you were supposed to, ate when you needed to and went were ever we wanted to go! 

We started you on "solids" when you were in your 5th month. Just a few random rice cereals here and there and then some baby food from a jar. My goodness, you love your food! You also love to hold the spoon and pull it up to your mouth, and will grab it off who ever is trying to feed you. I'll be trying to get you on finger foods and fresher solids as soon as I can get organised!

This month was all about you learning to crawl. Camilla is constantly shouted "Go Katie Go!" at you. You get up on you hands and knees and rock so hard! You're so close to diving forward and face planting! You're an enthusiastic learner! 

You'll squeal with delight at anything that moves. I can sometimes sit through a whole church service with you, and when it can't its not because you're grumpy or need to be fed, it's because you're so excited you're squealing the house down! 

And when you get excited you put your hands up around your head like you're showing off your baby muscles, hold your breathe and squeeeeeze! It's hilarious. You're so buff!

Still breastfeeding and still having 3 naps a day, along with sleeping through the night from 6pm to 6am. Yup, best babe ever. 

You're still losing that dark hair but its starting to grow back in other spots.

Katie, you are a complete delight, absolutely precious and delicious in every way. I love you so much, so completely. We loving having you as part of our family, it wouldn't be the same with out you!
Love, Mama xx

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Big Tree

I love our big tree. It towers over our new home. 

During the day it sings of birds, during a moody evening sunset it blows like the ocean.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Crochet Cloth Gift

Following on from the handmade super hero capes that became Christmas presents, I also made some co-ordinating crochet dishcloths. They're bigger than ones I've made in the past and I think would be quite good for using practically. I liked them so much I plan to make more for myself.

Lots of people doubt crochet dishcloths but don't knock them till you try them. They are the BEST at absorbing, wiping, scrubbing, washing clean and drying for more uses, forever and ever and ever!

For reals.

Like I said, I need to make more for me!

The spot cloth was made using this pattern for a tapestry style spot, which as far as online crochet patterns go is pretty rubbish. But if you're capable of figuring out a graph you'll be alright (hey, I managed to figure it out and adjust it), but if you're a beginner you might feel a little stranded.

Give it a go though, the result is pretty awesome!

Thanks for reading! Love, Sophie x

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Careful Camilla to the Rescue!

Pre Christmas I went on a super hero cape frenzy and made six of them for the little people in our lives. I hope the little kiddos will get some wear out of them and will one day enjoy saving the day at their place!

They were all coloured on the inside with the childs "favourite" colour, with a matching felt initial in the super man font with a dark blue top and fastened with velcro. 

It was so much fun making them!

I've had a few people ask about them since seeing Camilla's so thought I would show you on here.

I used this pattern, out of all the others I found online I liked the one the best. The neckline sits so nicely and drapes off the shoulders so well and has a curved bottom! It ticked all the boxes for me! Great pattern and the instructions are pretty straight forward if you're a beginner :)


These capes were part of my handmade Christmas effort, more to show you soon! 

Sophie xx

Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome Home

(Milla begins to pack her toys)

This is the first time I've opened my computer in 15 days, we've been soaking up the sunshine and good times on the Westcoast.

We had a ball and loved every moment of it. Family, adventures, good food, rest, spas, nature, animals, Christmas, friends, indulgences... It was great, really really great.

When we got back, we decided we'd move houses in the next two days (we had a new empty rental lined up but our lease doesn't end till early Feb). I know, rushed! So I'm typing this from our new bedroom that has a stack of boxes in it. It's great being here, a real -house-, it does have its quirks and I do miss living in our old-new apartment a little.

Today Milla and MrMoo were out, Katie was sleeping and I just sat and listened to the trees rustling. I could hear the leaves from our lounge. It felt like the best sound ever. We've never lived anywhere with real life trees. It's refreshing!

In due course I'll publish some photos from our trip away but in the mean time we're still in holiday / shifting mode (can those two even be said in the same sentence?). MrMoo is off work until this time next week and I don't want to miss this time together!

Do you have any unpacking advice? The place is a shambles!
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