Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Crochet Cloth Gift

Following on from the handmade super hero capes that became Christmas presents, I also made some co-ordinating crochet dishcloths. They're bigger than ones I've made in the past and I think would be quite good for using practically. I liked them so much I plan to make more for myself.

Lots of people doubt crochet dishcloths but don't knock them till you try them. They are the BEST at absorbing, wiping, scrubbing, washing clean and drying for more uses, forever and ever and ever!

For reals.

Like I said, I need to make more for me!

The spot cloth was made using this pattern for a tapestry style spot, which as far as online crochet patterns go is pretty rubbish. But if you're capable of figuring out a graph you'll be alright (hey, I managed to figure it out and adjust it), but if you're a beginner you might feel a little stranded.

Give it a go though, the result is pretty awesome!

Thanks for reading! Love, Sophie x


  1. These look wonderful - I may have to give them a go!!

  2. They look awesome Sophie, so festive! I'd love you to link them up on my handmade Christmas linky.


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