Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Careful Camilla to the Rescue!

Pre Christmas I went on a super hero cape frenzy and made six of them for the little people in our lives. I hope the little kiddos will get some wear out of them and will one day enjoy saving the day at their place!

They were all coloured on the inside with the childs "favourite" colour, with a matching felt initial in the super man font with a dark blue top and fastened with velcro. 

It was so much fun making them!

I've had a few people ask about them since seeing Camilla's so thought I would show you on here.

I used this pattern, out of all the others I found online I liked the one the best. The neckline sits so nicely and drapes off the shoulders so well and has a curved bottom! It ticked all the boxes for me! Great pattern and the instructions are pretty straight forward if you're a beginner :)


These capes were part of my handmade Christmas effort, more to show you soon! 

Sophie xx


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