Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Big Tree

I love our big tree. It towers over our new home. 

During the day it sings of birds, during a moody evening sunset it blows like the ocean.


  1. Hmm - big trees are fabulous - in the right place at the right time.... I love them, but have also learnt their nuisance value of late. So glad you can, and obviously do, enjoy this one.

  2. I love your big tree! Next door had a wonderfully huge tree that was full of all sorts of talkative birds! It was so lovely.....
    then we got new neighbours. And they cut the big old tree down and then the birds were gone and also the black cockies who visited. And a terrible ugly shed was put up. But we planted 3 flowering gums and they are slowly growing and I am looking forward to seeing the birds come back! I do love your tree!
    Have a lovely weekend x


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