Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome Home

(Milla begins to pack her toys)

This is the first time I've opened my computer in 15 days, we've been soaking up the sunshine and good times on the Westcoast.

We had a ball and loved every moment of it. Family, adventures, good food, rest, spas, nature, animals, Christmas, friends, indulgences... It was great, really really great.

When we got back, we decided we'd move houses in the next two days (we had a new empty rental lined up but our lease doesn't end till early Feb). I know, rushed! So I'm typing this from our new bedroom that has a stack of boxes in it. It's great being here, a real -house-, it does have its quirks and I do miss living in our old-new apartment a little.

Today Milla and MrMoo were out, Katie was sleeping and I just sat and listened to the trees rustling. I could hear the leaves from our lounge. It felt like the best sound ever. We've never lived anywhere with real life trees. It's refreshing!

In due course I'll publish some photos from our trip away but in the mean time we're still in holiday / shifting mode (can those two even be said in the same sentence?). MrMoo is off work until this time next week and I don't want to miss this time together!

Do you have any unpacking advice? The place is a shambles!


  1. One room One box at a time and always the kettle and a cuppa tea first

  2. Yay for a great holiday and having the move done! Yay for feeling good :)

  3. Take it slowly is my advice. Concentrate on an area that is critical to your wellbeing (for me the bathrooms and kitchen being clean and neat) and start there. Good luck xx

  4. Aw. I wish you and your family have a wonderful year in your new home! Great post.


  5. Unpack a box a day and once empty, get the box out of the house. Have a box set aside for "not sure where this will go yet" things. Focus on one room at a time so you have a space you can feel good in and about. Take your time but set a goal for when all boxes will be gone. And enjoy setting up the new MooMoo Inn xxx


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