Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Connect Groups and Routine

Photo & filter c/- Camilla, November 2013

Last night we launched our connect group again that we have ran for the last 4 years. It's a group for young married couples to hang out, do a study on relationships, pray together and eat good food. Now that we have merged churches with another local church (that happened at the end of last winter, somehow I never mentioned it here though) there's a whole lot of new people to meet, and lots of them newly married! We had 14 of the lovelies in our lounge last night for the first one. I really do LOVE connect groups, and I'm thankful for every person that showed up, all new to me besties :) 

Tomorrow is the launch of a connect group I attend, its a women's ministry group on a Wednesday morning. Worship, prayer, bible study. I've never been to anything like it (except have been going since the end of last winter) and since joining it quickly became one of my favourite parts of my week. Our Church even set up a creche for all of us young mums from our "original" church (theres a lot of us! It means we can go without our kids(!!!!!)) so we could attend this already established group of ladies most of whom are much older in years, but young at heart, and full of wisdom. It's a pleasure to belong there. I'm looking forward to tomorrow relaunching.

Toddlerock finally starts back this week, another "connect group" of sorts that I am involved in running. I've missed it, and I've missed all of the beauties who come loyally each week who feel like old friends.

Finally, after long holidays things are getting back into a routine. 


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