Thursday, June 26, 2014

Katie Updatie - Month 12

Happy 12 Months Katie!

And here we are, one year on. 12 months ago you were born into the world in warm water, to a strong Mum and a supportive and loving Dad, caring friends and wise midwives.

You came up out of the water calm and sleepy, and we were all so happy to see you.

You still bring joy whenever you enter the room, but now you are much bigger, with the sweetest cheekiest smile ever. Oh that grin! 

You have become quite attached to me lately, you're not longer "everyones baby", but mine, and you forbid anyone to separate us.

You've also stopped squealing constantly, which is refreshing. You've replaced it with constant babble which is really cute. Milla is always copying you, or yelling "Stop it Katie! Be quiet!", which you think is hilarious and so the babble gets louder. It's a beautiful, loud cycle. :)

Your favourite foods right now are mandarin, pear and parsnip. If you've had enough of something you'll chuck it on the floor, same with your sippy cup after each sip. We still call you the hungry caterpillar because food just keeps going in, and we had a HC themed party to celebrate your birthday!

This month you took your first steps, we got them on camera and it was a very exciting time! You had just turned 11months old, and was going after a red ball and a hologram card in my hands! You haven't walked much since, but you can take the occasional step when you feel like it and you can now totally stand up by yourself without using anything put push yourself up with.

We dedicated you and Milla on your first birthday, our families were there and it was a beautiful occasion.

Oh Katie Potatie, pumpkin pie. I love you so much. Where did this last year go?? You're already growing into a little lady and it hurts my heart a little bit. Babies definitely don't keep. When you have your own, just forget about everything else okay? Just cuddle them. You wont regret it. 
Stay cool little babe. Kisses! 

Love, Mama xx

(You and Milla in your dedication dresses, holding hungry caterpillar felt board pieces)


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