Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Resource, updated

Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. I had a few comments and emails in my inbox regarding my last post and I was very surprised and touched to read how encouraging they were. I have some great readers (you!)!

A lot of real lifers read this blog and I think that somewhat puts me off posting what I would like to. Perhaps for fear of being taken the wrong way, or maybe even appearing as something that I am not in real life. In everything I do I would like to be genuine. I would hate to post "LOVE EACH OTHER!" Here, and then on Monday don't exibit the same love that I would like to to a fellow Sister. How sad would that be?

Like everything in life I have my imperfections and I am sure you realise that. Just like how you do. The point is not that we hide these imperfections but that we acknowledge them, deal with them how we can and move on.

To be honest I dont believe my blogspace is going to change a heck of a lot. It is what it is and for the most part I believe it does reflect me. I think I needed to get that post of my chest to allow me permission to post what ever I like. For example, I really want to do a post about wives respecting their husbands. It has come to my attention lately that our generation is seriously lacking that respect. But just to do that out of the blue? You might keel over and die from shock. No. It was definitely best to warn you ahead of time. You'll thank me later :)

Late night tram ride 

I have had a great week. Just so you know. It's been long and its been hard but it has been incredibly fufilling. I have been collecting for Plunket everyday, musing over my blog, enjoying time with my family, hugging Graeme for longer, celebrating friends 21st, riding on Trams, and today I will be going on a shopping trip all. by. my. self. Not that I have any money to spend - but I am appreciating that Milla can go without me (my boobs) for a few hours now and I am taking the opportunity to spend some introvert time alone in my head and wander around a mall amongst a sea of people I do not know.

Peace & Bliss xx

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