Friday, March 23, 2012

Flying With A 6 Month Old

We flew from Christchurch to Auckland last week, our first flight with Camilla. Camilla was 6 months old at the time and did very well.

We were flying with Jetstar so I had low expectations, I thought they would be delayed, or tell us we couldn't check in our baggage, or something, anything. But the check in process and flight was straight forward. I had had a friend tell me what she wasn't allowed to take her pram on her flight, however their website says that you can take all baby accessories for free in addition to your usual check in baggage. We had a portacot, pram, capsule and an extra carry on bag for baby. All were checked on with no problems at all. 

It is said that it is good to feed your baby as you take off and land because it helps with the altitude change and their ears because when they eat it encourages your ears to pop. Anyway, Camilla wasn't milk hungry, she didn't want a bar of it so we slipped in a pacifier and she was happy enough.

On the flight up she was quite grizzly. Not unbearable but definitely enough to make me feel sorry for the man sitting next to us. There was another girl (maybe about 1.5 yrs old?) across from us and she was grizzly too. Her mum had books, colouring in and activities packed for her. Organised! It just goes to show that every age brings new adjustments and challenges. 

On the flight back the flight was delayed by over half an hour (typical) so again it was hard to time her feeds. I ended up feeding her her solids during take off but the taxiing took so long she was almost done by the time we were going down the run way. We poped her pacifier in again and she fell asleep with her Dad for the whole flight and only woke up when everyone was undoing their belts at the other end. Super Babe!

I found I had a lot of anxiety while taking off and landing; It felt just like an earthquake to me. (do other CHCH people find this too?) Lots of bumping around, shaking and rattling and a loud out of this world noise that is so hard to explain. 

Flying with Camilla was relatively easy, the hardest part was trying to time everything but at the end of the day she coped very well! Also, I think its great that infants are free as are their luggage!

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  1. I am absolutely terrified of flying now :( Well thats not entirely true, I am absolutely terrified of turbulence because of the fact that I am not on solid ground and it feels like an earthquake but I can't escape and hide somewhere safe. I have flown to Welly and back since the EQs and I freaked out on the way there and cried pretty much the whole way back. Stupid quakes. I guess the stress/emotionalness has to come out somewhere.

    In other news - I LOVE that first photo of Milla and Graeme! What a fun trip!


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