Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This Week in Emotions

Everything is a bit all over the place at the moment.

In Awe.
We had a fantastic connect group on Tuesday night, a little dinner party with 6 of our closest friends. 8 people around a dinner table, laughing & sharing. It was an absolute delight. I was in awe listening to everyone share about how God had transformed them and their marriages as a result of coming to our connect group. It's so important to work on things. Hearing everyones own personal stories blew me away. Hearing those I know its all worth it.

I have so much to do this week, my lists are getting out of control and I am feeling a little like I am drowing in them. I also mega failed at our groceries this week. Usually I am super organised, list and budget in hand, meal planning extraordinaire. This week I dropped the ball, picked up a few things here and there, spent way more over the course of the week and didn't get nearly as much food as I would have liked. Oh well. There's always next week. Tomorrow is going to be too busy. I just know it.

I got given a flyer today for an up and coming womens event at our Church. It says "Special guest speaker: Sophie Moo2" ... That's me. Special? I have not picked up a microphone in yonks. I definitely didn't put up my hand for this so I am assuming God has some special plan and something inside me he wants to share. Actually, I am FULL of new works that God is doing. How to communicate them to others? The challenge. Stay tuned.

A little bit of hope
I may have just stumbled across a great moisturiser for my oily and dehydrated skin (yes, it's possible). Hope! (I'll give it another week and then I may just boast about it! What skin type do you have? Do you use the right products for you?)

Nervous again.
We are going to a concert this week with baby in tow. I am very nervous, mostly at what people will say. Thankfully I have a super encouraging Mum who has always taught me "have baby will travel". So I'm not particularly nervous about taking Milla. She's so cruisy. Really. I will be shocked if she doesn't hold up. It's more the other people. I have thin skin, I dont want people to think I'm a bad mother.

We are doing so many cool things this weekend (hence the mad preparation needed) AND we are going to visit some old time long lost friends. We were only blessed with having these guys in our lives for a short while before they moved away again but they had a huge impact on us while they were around and we are SUPER EXCITED to have the opportunity to see them again. I. CANT. WAIT!!

There you go, I just proved I am female. All of that going on in one brain. Amazing.

I hope everyone is having a great week and you are all staying safe and happy above all :) Thank you for reading my words time and time again. You are all wonderful :)

And a little video to finish off with.. This week Milla mastered the crawl (She's been caterpillaring for a month now) and also figured out how to pull herself up on lowish objects. I'm so proud (but also a little concerned. I am not prepared for my baby to grow up!!)


  1. You are a SuperMumExtraordinaire! You will get on top of it all, it's annoying but reminds us that we're all normal when things don't go to plan.

    I remember your preachin' from way back, I am excited to see you behind the mike again (and always secretly inspired).

    I would love to help you out in any way... x

  2. FUN!! Have fun at the concert! I hope you don't get awful comments :(

  3. We took Esky SO many places...and I LOVED it. I wish Ivy was that...portable? Flexible? Whatever it is, she's not...and so I say LIVE IT UP WHEN YOU CAN! And I agree with your mum; babies learn on the move too, and feel super secure!


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