Friday, March 16, 2012

Facebook Free Fail*

My week Facebook Free was a little bit of a failure. Okay. I failed. I lasted 5 days.

To be fair those 5 days were amazing. From my list I managed to achieve most things I set out to do. I discovered that my days were a whole lot more productive (and also tiring) and I was a lot more hands on and intentional with my day.

Why can't everyday be like that? You ask. I ask that too. The trouble is, I am addicted. That can be the only answer. Like gambling or alcohol or drugs (okay. I'm definitely NOT comparing my facebook use to meth) I don't actually get a whole lot out of it except a moments high of someone liking my clever and witty status, someone telling me that Camilla is beautiful. Me me me. I just want people to notice me. Urgh

That's really what it comes down to. I find my self refreshing, wondering why no one has liked my latest video yet. Why did that person only like it and not comment? Why did they comment and not like it?

Okay, you may be thinking I'm joking and I would like to think that too. But I am also just being honest. Does that make me really pathetic? Yes. It does. I am pathetic. That little bracket with a number in it gets me every time! (2), (1), (10) - I have to know! WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING ABOUT ME!?? I often find myself wondering what people did in the 90's for fun.

I broke the week fast because I ended up needing to organise a collection for Plunket on the pronto. What better way to do it than Facebook? Because yes, it is incredible for communicating with people (I just started a page for the Sisterhood. Like it!). It is fantastic for staying in touch and knowing what my sister baked last weekend (chocolate brownie) in London. Through the powers of facebook I was able to have people respond and raise $900 for Plunket last week (woooo!) Thank you Facey. But in my 5 days of not being on it I really didn't miss much at all. Infact my life was better for having not been on it. I didn't hear about your 10th breakup with your horrible boyfriend, or your craving for chips at 11pm. And my life was better.

All in all, Facebook is great. It is a useful and powerful tool. I would like to keep it as that. I am still not satisfied with my level of addiction to it. Perhaps I need to go on another fast. Or have weekly facebook free days. Any ideas?

Another video for your viewing pleasure. This week Milla started to pull herself up on low objects including my legs, her capsule and our couch. 6 months old. Seriously.

*The 3 F's. When I was younger we had to wash the 3 F's - Face, Feet and Fanny ;)

My list, for those interested...
  • Complete 2 more scrapbook pages for Millas first year album
  • Complete 2 more granny stripe colours for my Granny Blanket
  • Sew something. Anything! (Did I mention my sewing machine is fixed?)
  • Rearrange our lounge with our dining table (it's coming out of storage tonight!)
  • Bake something. Anything! I miss delicious baking treats.
  • Write posts and read blogs in one sitting rather than throughout the day
  • Continue to read my book, The Help
  • Re organise Millas draws and figure out what clothes she needs for the size she is growing into (0)
BOOM. Our table didn't come out of storage. We'll do that at the end of this month when we have our new lounge suite (yew!), and I am still half way through organising Millas clothing. Her boom looks like a bomb site!)

EDIT: Jacinta sent me this link. Totally me. 

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  1. I like your comment about people in the 90's what did they do. I found myself thinking that today while lying under a tree (after a picnic lunch) in the park. My iphone was right there ready to entertain me, but I thought, "you know what I am just going to stare up at the tree tops & sky for a minute." I started wondering about Newton and the apple. And are we more or less clever than people from those days? We have all the information we need at our fingertips (which they didn't) but we leave no time to ponder, to stare to think ... We got the Focus on the Family mag today and I have been listening to the podcasts on the Iphone App. And they have a big section of going technology free to see how long you can last! Your post has inspired me to try this!


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