Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pinned Print

I finally did it! I pinned in real life! Whoa!

I found this on pinterest and turned it into our own!

At the weekend I found myself with time to spare after just admiring my friends amazing blog where she is on a roll at creating anything and everything and I thought "I wish I had the time..." and then I thought "hang on, I do!" but then I thought "Milla will wake up soon" and then I thought "I may as well get started while she's asleep". A few hours later... ta da! (slowly but surely getting better at my new years goals!)

I was so excited we walked briskly down to the warehouse the next morning to print it off and buy a frame to fit! :)

Thank you to Dee for the encouragement to do something with my hands, and to Amy for your blog :)

Pin Real LIfe


  1. Looks like the work of a font fan - well done : )

  2. Technically it's not copied since the info is different :P
    Thanks Soph! And it looks AWESOME!!! So Professional


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