Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Anniversary My Love

3 years

Lots of friends
Lots of laughter
Lots of tears
Lots of geocaches
7 birthdays
4 homes
4 house-buddies
4 trips to Auckland
3 Jobs
2 cars (1 favourite)
2 sponsored children
2 international holidays
2 big concerts
2 pairs of glasses
1 Church
1 student loan
1 horse tram
1 daughter

My love, thank you for being my husband, friend, adventurer and encourager. Life is long and goes too quickly, I'm thrilled that I picked someone so special to share it with in good times and in bad. 


  1. Happy Anniversary! What crazy 3 years you have, you forget to add 10,000 earthquakes. Nothing like a natural disaster to strengthen a marriage. Dave and I look up to you guys (both metaphorically and literally hehe) and really admire your marriage. You guys are awesome.


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