Monday, January 23, 2012

Loving and Hope

On that fateful night when I raised my hand to declare "I have nothing left to lose" I was doing so because I needed something. Anything. Anything must be better than nothing, I thought.

Now I have something. Actually, I have so much. It seems like in the last few years without me realising, I have gained everything.

Having everything naturally causes me to want to hold on tighter. To grasp what I have and to never let go. My faith, my Church, my Husband, my Daughter. Life. I have life, that is a celebration!! I cannot fear it. Fear is no way to live. Fear is not life. Infact, my real life starts after this one. 

Kirsty commented on my post and said that "motherhood is a slow journey of letting go" She couldn't be more right.

Being a Christian has taught me that I should hold on to what God gives me, but not so tightly he can't do anything with it, and not so losely that I drop it.

Last week here in Canterbury a teenager lost her life in a tragedy. You might have seen it in the news. She belonged to our Church and on Sunday her whole family came to our evening service to meet the people who she so often spoke about. Her family were celebrating her. It grieved me to see their tears for their little girl, gone too soon, but it also brought me hope to know that life is here to live.

And for us, this life is not the end. We just pray that our little girl will experience that same hope

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  1. I so hear you on this journey. I love that verse in Peter?? 'We do not grieve as those without hope.' We have hope in the midst of tragedy. Thinking of you all


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