Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pantene Aqua Light Review

I have really thick, coarse hair. Every year I get it all chopped off, and as soon as I do I think "surely I can grow it long and actually do something with it?!" Then I grow it long for 11 months, can't do anything with it, and consider chopping it all off again. While its long its a pain in the bum to wash. I loathe washing my hair. Product gets stuck, it feels unclean all over again, drying it is a whole other can of beans. 

I tried out Pantene Aqua light, its actually for fine hair that gets bogged down by usual shampoos and conditioners, but I figured since mine gets bogged down too I'd give it ago!

The shampoo made my hair extra clean, probably a little tooo clean if you know what I mean. I definitely needed to follow on with a conditioner to tame it back down, and I was pleasantly surprised with the aqua lights effectiveness. It is supposed to leave no residue or weight. And. It didn't. TICK! It's supposed to break down really quickly in water so you dont have to spend ages washing it out. And it does! TICK!

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I'll definitely be buying the conditioner again, but I wasn't so impressed with the shampoo. It made my thick hair feel very dry and even more coarse than usual. I washed my hair last night and the hubby said it smelt really nice too! This is definitely a hair specific product that can only be used on the right hair types, had I known this before hand I probably wouldn't have said yes to the review, but there ya go and here I am telling you about it.

Shampoo 200ml RRP $5.10 nz | Conditioner 350ml RRP $8.58 nz

This is a sponsored post. They sent me free product in return for an honest blog post review. Full disclosure.

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