Friday, January 27, 2012

Broccoli and Pesto In The Kitchen

Fettuccine Broccoli and Pesto Pasta

YUM! This whole trying something new each week is really achievable and SO satisfying. I'm a meal planner, like, to the ingredient. I only buy whatever I need in the groceries and I know ahead of time what we'll be having for dinner, what I need to prepare, defrost etc. We have a tight budget and I'm not very confident in the kitchen so I have found this works best for me. Otherwise I wonder down the supermarket aisles in a stressed daze not knowing what to buy, and often buy far more than we need. Planning these new meals is really easy, I'm using Jaime Olivers Food Ministry book and each week I flick through and find something new to try. Mostly he uses heaps of ingredients, so I simplify it (so I'm sure the meals could be much nicer) but it means its easier and cheaper to cook :)

This week I made Fettuccine, (was supposed to Tagliatelle?) and I added broccoli, potato slices, pesto and parmesan cheese. I've never made a pasta like this and it was a really nice change from my usual spag bol'. 

The photos are terrible because we ate it at 10pm at night. I know. Pasta at 10, shocking. But we were hungry and I had everything ready to go. I've also noticed that Mr Moo specifically comments about every new meal I've made. Usually he just says "thanks", but with my new ones he always says how much he likes it - A definite motivation to keep feeding my family with new and exciting things! 

Best of all, this only took about 20 minutes from start to eat. Bonus! I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of broccoli. It's usually in most of our meals during the week because Mr Moo eats everything and I cook for him, but I usually dont include it in my meal. So I didn't actually have bits of it in mine, but what I did eat was delish! :)

This year I'm trying to learn more about the food in my kitchen. Each week I'm making a new recipe and this one was taken from Jaime Olivers Ministry of Food (with a few short cuts here and there). Click here to see what else is In My Kitchen


  1. Go you! Looks delicious. I would be totally lost if I didn't plan meals in advance; I don't get how some people get by without doing so!

    Before we were married, my husband told me that if he didn't really enjoy a meal, he'd only ever say, "thank you" - which always gave me a good clue as to what he did and didn't like!

  2. Pasta is said to help people sleep? Its a 'slow release' good sleep hormone producing type of food.


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