Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Sisterhood

In all of our excess we have been to the petrol station twice in the last week to fill up our [new] car. The same station, different staff. The first visit I sat in the passenger seat while Graeme filled up and ran inside to pay. A member of the staff hobbled infront of our car, he was using a walking crutch and had $20 clutch tightly in his palm. Hobbling one-tenth of Graeme's speed. I wept. A man with such a disability being forced to work on the forecourt. It seemed unjust, unfair. Didn't he have anyone to take care of him? He should be home, resting. Who knows what is wrong with him!? I was angry at the world.

The second incident, I went inside to pay. The man behind the counter was missing an arm. I wept. I didn't feel pity this time, instead I felt a surge of joy. These people are being hired. I know. It sounds so crude of me to think that. But that is what I thought.

It seems that ever since my pregnancy I can't help but notice and feel.

Last week I had a phone call from my Mother to inform me that my brother had not eaten in days. He had no money. Nothing. And he was starving. Did I mention that he had the flu? He did. I wept. I've never seen him so happy to see me as I rushed to his home with groceries in hand.

As I sit here in bed, a little bit sleep deprived and high on emotions and hormones I am furious at the world. How is it that my own brother could live in such poverty (my own freaking brother!??)!? I was angry. And then I thought, if its happening in my own family, here in first world New Zealand, it must be happening in your circles too? (or is it just me?)

I am realising more and more how blessed I am how much excess I live in.

Aren't we blogging sisters? Aren't we in excess of gifts and talents and time and energy and creativity? Aren't we able to help others?

I figure there will be at least 2 types of people reading this.

1) You feel angry like me and want to do something about it. Perhaps you could fufill a need for a fellow Sister?

2) You are in need of your Sisters help, or you know of someone who is.

Maybe its financial. Maybe its not. Maybe you just need a break from the kids, or you just really need that phone bill paid, or you really need a date with your Man.

I don't know who and I don't know how, but perhaps in my wildest dreams this could be a forum to open up and share some gifts. To be honest I don't know what we can achieve, but I know that we wont achieve anything without putting it out there.

You are my Sisterhood. You're invited. Come and be blessed or come and lend a hand. Isn't that what we're here for?

Email me.

I really want to hear from you. About anything. 


  1. I think that is the most awesome idea .... right now I'm just reading your blog and I can't think what to do, but I'm sure there is something that can be done. Maybe send care packages to someone who is going through a hard time, a separation, post-natal depression. PACKAGES FOR SISTERS .... just came to my mind.

    I remember when I was pregnant I used to cry at sad movies (which I do now anyway) ..... cry if I saw a starving child, a hurt person, cried at the drop of a hat.

  2. Wonderfully said my love! As unfortunate as it is I am all too familiar with the world of poverty that surrounds me. In the States, as weird as it might soud, my husband and I are technically below poverty level, meaning poor. However, this is because we have chosen to go to school and that cost a pretty penny. Even so, we do qualify for government assistance but we both have always refused it. We are both able bodied and hold jobs; there are so many others out there who aren't that lucky and who need the help more than I do. Ive also seen this in a lot of the schools ive taught at. Its common knowledge that a good number of kids only meals are the ones served at school. These children often steal and hoard food, not because they're bad kids but because they have an instinct to survive. So with that I join you're sisterhood and I pledge to do my part in ending this for our families and communities. God bless you Soph, and your heart of gold.


  3. I think it is amazing that you want to help. You must be an amazing person. :o)

  4. I know that I go through times of need and times of excess quite frequently but pride gets in the way of asking for help. I think that is a huge cause of people keeping their struggles to themselves, you feel like a failure for not being able to meet basic needs like feeding the family or putting petrol in the car. We have humbled ourselves a few times last year and taken that step and we were blessed beyond what we could even expect. I am always looking for ways to help people and I know I could do more. I will try and keep my eyes and ears open and do what I can to help a fellow Sister :)

  5. Awesome idea... here are my rambling thoughts of what could be done...

    Random Acts of Kindness to people you know (or don't)
    Postcard/tea towel/small chocolate bar swap - light enough to not cost $$ for international posting.
    Pledging to blog about the BAD as well as the good so that other people don't feel alone.
    Blogger catch ups
    Food Bank donations with every grocery shop
    Baked goods donated to City Mission/Woman's Refuge
    Printable vouchers for babysitting/lawn mowing etc that you can share with your friends and family.
    In your church I am sure there are families who are struggling - maybe you could "adopt" a family for a year and bake, cook, help out in ways that they need.

    Near you there is also
    It may be what you're looking for :)


  6. LatteJunkie's ideas are AWESOME! WOOOT! I find it doesn't take much looking at all to find someone in my immediate circle, church community, or a stranger, who could use some help. You're doing it already, I see... (in my inbox).


  7. I remember in my coffee group years ago I always used to refer to 'the sisterhood', meaning all of us there, taking care of one another, basically by instinct, just because. So I love this Sophie. I've found The Sisterhood on facebook now, and I'm going to be praying about how I should get involved. xo

  8. I think when we become parents, our hearts open a little more, and we see things so totally different. The world can be a very cold, lonely place for so many reasons or in situations unbidden, but still we soldier on. We need to reach out, gather ourselves and help each other if we are to teach our children about humility and compassion, because it has as much more relevance in todays world as all the gadgets, technology and ego. Women are the nurturing energy, and we cant nurture if the *well* of nurturing energy is empty, so we need one another - to coerce, to help, advise, encourage and support - love. If I can help another Sister, another Person, I hope to do so. Blessings Sophie, I so admire you for all that you do, for Stepping Up, and speaking up.


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