Monday, January 30, 2012

Dear Baby, 5 Month Update

This month MiniMoo learnt to roll over, first from her back to her tummy in both directions. Since then she has managed once from the tummy to her back while I wasn't watching. She can swivel around in circles and can even push herself forward - not in a real crawl, but if I leave her to her own devices she can manage about a meter away from where I place her. We moved her into her cot this month and now that she's moving about I find her in many crazy positions, fast asleep. (and laying in the opposite way that I placed her)

She is super attached to us and doesn't often liked to be held by anyone else. Not even the grandies. She will drop her bottom lip while her eyes are searching for her Mama or Papa. Shortly after she will wimper and then cry until she is back in our arms. It fills me with so much joy to know that she likes us, and I love it when her little wet hands grip around my neck and her hot face burrows into my chest. Sweet peace.

She giggled for the first time this month. We were in an evening service at our church while our pastor was preaching. She was beginning to get restless so I turned her towards me and started kissing her open palms. She let out a little squeel of delight, Mr Moo and I looked at each other and then she did it. A full on beautiful giggle. One of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard. We left our worlds and celebrated, while the rest of the church paused to take note of what happened (we were rather excited and loud). I took her into the parents room where she continued to giggle for me, my own private little concert. And since then, up until yesterday (some 11 days later) we haven't heard a single chuckle since. We have been working hard! Finally, the other day, I tipped her upside down and she giggled with surprise! AHhhh!! The best sound!

We started solids at 4.5 months and so far everything she has tried she seems to really enjoy. I thought perhaps it might help her spilling, but it didn't (I was also urged by her doctor to start as soon as I felt comfortable to because she has had a few problems with her digestive system). MiniMoo is a happy chucker, but from feed to feed she is constantly throwing up milk and at 4.5 months, on a day where it was everywhere and I had had enough, I bought some rice cereal in the groceries that night with high hopes. Oh well, life goes on, and she seems to love the food anyway. We have tried rice cereal, avocado, pumpkin, carrot, parsnip.

Our Maori Princess had a Plunket appointment this week where she was weighed and measured and is perfectly on track. We have been away with her twice in the last month and both times were cruisey as! She goes anywhere and everywhere still and I am so grateful for that :)

Dearest Milla Lala,

You have started to push yourself forward on the floor, not a real crawl, but real enough that you can move forward. Everyday I urge you to explore new things and new ways of living.  I am one of your greatest encouragers, "Go LaLa! Go!" I shout. I want so much for you to learn and grow and become a big strong girl, but at the same time I struggle because you are growing. Right before my very eyes. I look back on photos and I realise how little you were and I realise how big you are now and I think "where did that time go?" Honestly my love, you are a pleasure! You are the coolest little baby around, I think we are so blessed to have you, and also so lucky to have such a wonderful you!

I always hear of Mums saying to their teenagers "Well... I gave birth to you and changed your dirty nappy!" Its true, I did, but in the future I may also say "I was covered in your spew!" I'm sure one day I'll look back and laugh and be surprised with just how much spew I clean up everyday. At least its yours!

You have started out to be such a great eater and I am thrilled! You must take after your papa! So far you seem to have loved everything that has come close to your mouth. Rice cereal, pumpkin, parsnip, carrot, avocado. Long may it continue!

And my goodness, your first giggle is possibly the sweetest most beautiful sound I have ever heard. From now on I am praying our home is a place of laughter for you and your siblings to grow up in. Hearing your joy brings me so much joy and peace for myself. Bliss!

I love you Baby Girl. Completely.

Love, Mama xxx x

[[Before you ask, that beautiful wool blanket was knitted by my Mama. Along with almost everything else of the wool variety that you see on MiniMoo]]

[[Next time I have a child I will take photos with something in the frame to compare their size to so you can see they are growing. Lesson learned.]]


  1. happy 5 months!

    for the record, zoe was a really spilly baby, chucked up after every feed until she didn't BF anymore! Quinn doesn't so its nice not to have to have a cloth over my shoulder and be changing her clothes 10 times a day from spills!

  2. loved reading your blog soph, camilla you are so beautiful, i told your mum and dad they would make beautiful babies and they did.nana knitted your lovely shawl that your mum picked the colour for and i also brought your red pant suit (from london) and boffle the dog. you are growing into a young lady before our eyes and love watching your progress. i am sooo proud of your mum and dad camilla , so proud xx love you always precious nana ngaire x


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