Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weddings on the Wild Westcoast

I'm so proud of my cousin tying the Knot after so many years! We had a wonderful weekend on the wild Westcoast (Take that year 11 english!) celebrating with the family! What a beautiful wedding filled with a few tears, lots of laughter and a whole lot of sun!

The imtimate ceremony was in their own backyard (cooool!) and the reception was on top of a cliff a few hundred meters down the road. A huge marquee was erected and the views were simply stunning! Off that edge it seriously just goes straight down. Scary and amazing!

We took lots and lots of photos. And I had red lipstick on. Very very red. I felt like a movie star!

While we were waiting for the speeches we travelled down the cliff with the buggy (off roading!) It was a perilis journey but we made it there safely with the help of some strong muscles! My goodness, the Westcoast is simply breathtaking. I say it often and I'll say it again, you haven't seen New Zealand if you haven't been to the Coast.

All of this, right below our feet. How could you not want to come and visit?

We loved our weekend away and it was nice to see everyone so shortly after we had just left.


  1. Those veiws are stunning. I love the idea of the picture framing you all and the one of the ocean. Really nice.


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