Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Granny Stripe!

A very long time ago I introduced you to my new snuggly friend, Ripple, she was a labour of love and when finally completed I immediately embarked on finding a new friend for her. Meet, Granny.

Granny is being hooked using acrylic yarn on a 3.5 hook using a tutorial by Lucy from the Attic. She is soft and colourful and oh so BIG! She might just fit on our double bed once I'm through with her! She is full of greens and purples with a bright mustard and pink to break it all up. Love. 

You wont see a Revelio any time soon, she is only half finished, I need to go back and repurchase more yarn (hoping like crazy they still have these colours (I have all the codes recorded)) but in the mean time, I wanted you to become acquainted. She has already brought me so much joy.

What that? Oh, you like my new red bag? Oh, well thank you! :)

While pregnant I did lots of online opinion surveys, because you have time for such things, and now I have reaped the benefits. I bought this bag and a cute dress for MiniMoo with all my hard opiniony work! :) Husband is thrilled that I have a place for my yarn (which is permanently in any room I am) instead of carting around a ripped brown paper bag. 

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  1. I really love your blanket and its so bright and cosy looking!Oh I have that little bag! I have a big one, medium size and a small one...all for my crochet things and wool he he!

  2. I love the colours you've chosen for this blanket, lovely!

  3. Love the blanket, gotta work out the granny thing one day; I'm more of a knitter though.

  4. i want that bag. where. did. you. get. IT!!!!!!!!!??? My yarn is in two banana baskets and i hate it that they aren't in one... LOVE the blanket! I started one but keep interupting it with amigurumi projects!


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