Thursday, February 23, 2012

One Week Facebook Free

Last week I had 2 separate days fasting from Facebook. I say fasting because it was like a fast, it was difficult and I was hungry for that connection. Honestly, that scares me. I like to be constantly reviewing my life and I have come to the conclusion that Facebook has too great a hold over me and I don't like that. Maybe its the human or the woman in me that loves to read about other peoples lives but really when it comes down to it I'm not reading anything interesting and my life is not being enriched. If anything my life is being taken from. 

You know, its not like I spend 8 hours on it at a time, but my laptop is mostly always open and I always feel the need to refresh my homepage. Seconds turn into minutes and minutes add up to hours. I'm sick of hearing about others complaining (well aware I'm doing that now) or hearing about such mundane details I really dont care about. I'm sick of reading swear words, hateful words and words that insult my faith. 

Surely there is something better for my life?

So for the next week I am going to go Facebook free and I sincerely hope that I can complete the week and get out the other side. To distract myself I have made a list of things that have been on my to do list for yonks. When I feel bored or unsure of what to do once Milla is tended to and the house work is done I will revert to this list.
  • Complete 2 more scrapbook pages for Millas first year album
  • Complete 2 more granny stripe colours for my Granny Blanket
  • Sew something. Anything! (Did I mention my sewing machine is fixed?)
  • Rearrange our lounge with our dining table (it's coming out of storage tonight!)
  • Bake something. Anything! I miss delicious baking treats.
  • Write posts and read blogs in one sitting rather than throughout the day
  • Continue to read my book, The Help
  • Re organise Millas draws and figure out what clothes she needs for the size she is growing into (0)
Honeslty, as a mother with a young baby that is PLENTY to do amongst everything else. I will be surprised if I get all of this done but at least its a reference point.

I will continue to be blogging and reading your posts as well as Tweeting on my Twitter account.

To avoid Facebook I will for the most part keep my laptop on our dining table so as to avoid the temptation of sitting on the couch with it and killing time. I will also disable all notifications and emails and will be sharing this blog post on my wall so that my friends know they cannot contact me via the ol' Book.  When I get back on I'll be doing a serious cull of friends (currently have 710 - most from the days of Youth Pastoring)

Wish me luck! Is anyone else brave enough to join me?



  1. I can't give up FB as it is my link to family and friends around the world. But I often have friend-culls... My theory is that if you haven't been in touch for six months - I don't need you in my life.

    I have however cut down on my time online. (except for today) and it's really helping!

  2. I did this a while back, and I've not really gone back to it since. I very occasionally pop in to check on things, but I've not missed it either.

  3. YOU GO GIRL!! FB is a total waste of time and there are more meaningful ways to connect and communicate with family and friends. Like email or phone or blogs. Well done. I won't be joining you because I GAVE IT UP already... the beginning of 2011 so it's already been over a year! Don't miss it at all. As you say, I don't miss everyone's complaining or sharing pathetic tidbits or having to refresh my page every minute hoping for a reply or a 'like'. I only had less than 50 "friends" but I still found it a total waste of my time.... and they aren't all "friends"... it's more like 'acquaintances or people I met at a party and talked to for 10mins that time 5 years ago".... you know how it is!
    Love the list of things to do instead... I should send you some baking recipes to try! xo

  4. Yay Dining Table! I will follow your lead but cut down my use to a once a day FB check.
    Great list!

  5. I absolutely love this idea, good for you! I've refrained from started a Facebook account for that exact reason. Good luck and enjoy your productivity.


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