Friday, June 22, 2012


Dear Sally,

I wanted to send you a letter from one busy mum to another, to let you know you are being thought of and prayed for. You don’t know me. I’m an anonymous Sister from down South, who heard about you through the wonderful women of the Sisterhood.  We’ve never met, but I’m praying for you and your family and sending tons of love your way.

I think that’s the greatest thing about prayer, how it connects us to God and to one another. Without even knowing you or your story, without even needing to know the details of your life, I feel a genuine sisterhood with you that moves me to tell you how very loved you are. Your Father and mine, hears my prayers for you, and has the power to speak good things into your life. I pray that He will provide for you and your family’s needs, for health, happiness and for peace that surpasses all understanding. Be poised for His abundant outpouring in your life.

You are special. I hope that you’re feeling the love today.

Sally is my friend who I mentioned in the very first LOVEBOMB post. She had a brand new baby, a few other children, and a husband who had just left her. Despite these circumstances she did amazingly well. Sally is a women who has an amazing spirit of kindness inside of her. She can get through any day with a smile, and was concerned about thinking too much incase she lost some of her precious breast milk. Like I said, amazing. We really wanted to treat Sally and let her know that she wasn't alone. You responded to this call amazingly; She was sent a pretty large hamper because a few of you in particular were struck by her story and wanted to contribute to a few smiles.

With your help we sent Sally a personalised handwritten letter of encouragement and Sisterhood poem, hand made quilt (which is amazing), $25 Pretty Birds jewellery voucher, Avon hamper with 6 products, bath crystals and bomb, chocolate... lots and lots of chocolate (good for happy hormones, right!?) , hair clips and honey shortbread.

[You will be pleased to know that the Hubs is back, the children are doing well, and they have professional help for their circumstances. Thank you for your prayers.]

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  1. I'm glad there is a happy ending to Sally's story
    What a precious parcel to send

  2. Loved the last bracket to the what you are doing! Bless you in your mission to share some love and make people feel special and loved.

  3. It's really wonderful what your doing Sophie. I'm so pleased to hear your friend situation is improving, she sounds like a lovely person x

  4. It's really wonderful what your doing Sophie. i'm really glad to hear things are on the mend for your friend, she sounds like a lovely person x

  5. Good to hear things are looking up for her!

  6. Great article in the Press today Sophie!

  7. May you be blessed for being a blessing!


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