Friday, June 29, 2012

Lay My Hiney Down

Weekdays and weekends sort of blur together around here. Often times I look forward to Monday after a busy weekend that is often much more work and more demanding than any other day of the week. Often I say "thank God it's Monday".

Is it like that in your household?

This weekend, however, I am looking forward to. This week has been so busy. I am aching for a rest, to lay my head and my to do list down. 

Thank God it's Friday.

I've been working my little hiney off this week; newspaper and magazine interviews, sorting out my website to offer advertising options (I've been pre planning this for months, but there was still a lot of work to do behind the scenes)(I'll tell you more about it later). I have barely lifted my eyes from my laptop screen. 

Some fresh air will be nice I think, maybe a picnic, perhaps the sun will make an appearance to dry some sheets so we can have fresh linen? 

Fresh linen does wonders for the soul.

Following our home birth my midwife and helpers put fresh sheets on our bed. It was so snuggly and cosy. Perfect for that first night and day in bed :)

I do hope you have a good weekend, and if you're like me and they end up being much busier than they are worth, lets just take a moment to breath in, be strong, and release it all. Lets enjoy what we have because life is fleeting, isn't it? One minute I have a brand new baby and fresh cuddly sheets, next minute she's 10 months old.

Do you have any plans for this weekend? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. I have plans to do nothing much at all, which usually means there will be lots happening.

    Rest well and I am nearly done collating my slow cooker recipes - I haven't forgotten :D

    1. Thank you! 3 meals were made last week in it - and 3 is about all I know how to do. Can't wait to learn more!! x

  2. Just the usual plans here plus going to the lantern festival with my boys. Have a good one.

    1. FUN! I didn't even know it was on!



  3. Ohmygoodness how gorgeous is Milla in that photo! I am looking forward to this week end, Saturday is our doing things day where I usually spend the morning cleaning the house and then out and about for the afternoon. This weekend is the ever so geeky Armageddon expo, and maybe some more yarn if I'm lucky :) Rest up Soph, you deserve it!

    1. I knooowww! Melts my heart!

      You'll be busy trying with all that cleaning, hooking and geeking! ;)

  4. Cute photo :D
    Busy weekend planned getting ready for our family holiday! Lets hope the weather is awesome to get the washing done. And I do love fresh sheets- if only I could have fresh sheets every day...ohhh we can only dream!

    1. Ah she's so adorable!

      I know! My mama cleaned for a lady that had her sheets washed every single day. If only huh!!

  5. First of all, I love the photo, and her little hand to rest her head upon! Cute :)

    I'm a 'Thankyou its Friday', bring on the Saturday sleep in kinda girl.

    Though this Friday, my hubby is back for 5 days( waiting for him at the moment ), so we are going to soak him up as much as we can.... aswell as that we finally get a fence to separate our house from the sheep this weekend! Yippee! No more sheep poo to dodge :)

    Getting outside for a breather and a picnic sounds like a great way to spend the weekend after such a hectic week... enjoy :)

    1. Isn't it the sweetest!!!

      Lucky thing getting a Saturday sleep in!! What are they!? :p

      YAHOO for hubby being back! YAAAAYYY

      Have fun putting up that fence x

  6. Nope, no exciting weekend for me, lol! Just enjoying not spending all day surrounded by preschoolers, heheh. :P


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