Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nov / Xmas LOVE BOMB Nominations

Seven beautiful women.

Seven inspiring, courageous, giving, thoughtful, enduring, long suffering, hope-filled women.

These seven women are going to receive a LOVE BOMB from us. From their Sisters. Even though we have never met each other, its our way of saying "Thank you for being you. We love you." Its our way of saying "We're thinking of you. You are not alone."

Look over this list of women and remember these few general sentences carry a life time of stories behind them, they carry lives, thoughts, emotions, families, real. life.

If you're of the praying type, please consider these women in your prayers as we attempt to bless them and try and bring about a few smiles to their days.

More beautiful women will be added to this list as we have more gifts donated. This is just a very beautiful beginning.

To send something to them to be included in their LOVE BOMB, send to:

The Sisterhood
PO Box 10100



The beginning of this LOVE BOMB
Previous completed LOVE BOMBs
Compassion BOMB


  1. Awesome lineup Sophie - well chosen and thoughtfully chosen I'm sure x

  2. Bring on the bombing! They all sound like very deserving, special women xx

  3. Yeah for the Sisterhood xxx
    Let me know if you want/need any vouchers if any of the woman are in the Auckland (West'ish) area

  4. That looks like a very worthy list. Keen to look into your gift ideas list.


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