Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sleep time

She's been rather worse for wear this week, runny nose, fever, gunky eyes and woke up yesterday morning with a rash under her arm and down her side. I'm not one to Jump to the doctors rescue, I get that sickness is a part of life. But all my baby books said to panic at the sign of a fever and rash.

You'll be pleased to know I didn't panic but book in to see our doctor straight away. Apparently, after being very such, kids can develop rashes as their symptoms calm down. Completely normal and nothing to panic about. Phew! Glad I didn't panic!

We now have some drops for her eyes which are near impossible to get it, her fever is non existent, she is happy and sleeping off her hard week.

Sleep time : Sophie time. Not bad!

I've been getting lots of cuddles this week!


  1. Poor wee poppet, hope she's feeling better xx You can buy an orange-coloured Johnson's baby shampoo that also works for gunky eyes - just wash their hair and let the suds wash over the eyes (doesn't sting - I've tried it myself!). I don't know how, but it works!
    P.S: did you see this:

  2. The poor wee darling
    Sick bubbas isn't nice BUT the cuddles are
    Hope you are both getting lots of rest

  3. Poor Milla, glad it's not super serious, well done for not panicking, I would freak I think. Love the bathrobe photo :)

  4. Poor wee lass. Clauds has that same bug-if the gunky eyes are conjunctivitis its really catchy and hard to get rid of without meds, but you can get an ointment from chemists, much easier than drops!

  5. Poor thing! Hopes she back to her self and well soon!!

  6. Hope she is better soon! It's awful when they get sick :(

  7. Love that pic, so cute her snuggling asleep on you.....glad to hear it wasn't serious...and yes the ointment is much easier, just smear across her eyes with a cotton pad....Brolene? I think...used it heaps :)


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