Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blog Book

Ever since the beginning of this year I have been keeping a blog book, a real life physical book that goes everywhere with me.

When I receive sudden inspiration in the mall food court I can whip it out and write down my ideas. Things I want to post about, things I want to edit or adjust or redesign, thing I want to talk to other bloggers about. Anything Facebook or advertising related. It all goes in the book.

Then when I sit down to do a few blog posts I know exactly what I'm posting about, what I need for the post and it usually doesn't take me very long at all.

I love blogging this way because I love blogging. Being organised means I get to spend more time blogging because I know what I'm blogging about. (How many times can I say blogging!?)

Anyway. I've lost it.

All of my ideas. All of my to do's. All in one place.

What was I thinking?!

You might have noticed my blog as been a little quite lately on the personal front (still kickin' along with the sisterhood though). Thats because the book is gone. I feel like a little part of my Being has been lost. Who am I with out it??

I need to get my A into G and find a new diary and begin scribbling down what I can remember (it was all brilliant. Trust me.). For that reason the Smart Shopping series that was supposed to start last week has been delayed also. Its all in the book.

Who ever finds it could start an instant blog. *sigh*

Do you have a better way at keeping track of your blog and ideas? Or are you just a wing-it type of blogger? Leave a comment and let me know! Maybe I need a better system!


  1. Oh Sophie I understand your pain completely. I too lost my "ideas records" recently, mine were on my laptop so I don't recommend that one! Will be interesting to see what other people come up with, my only thought is using google calenders tasks list but that requires net access at a time when perhaps you just need to scribble something down

  2. oh wow! I'm an absolute winger-er...and I guess it REALLY shows too huh! haha
    but otherwise it would feel like a job to me, and i don't really want anymore jobs. so yeah. we are all so different!

  3. I pretty much always have a notebook on me but I forget to use it so my blog is ramble of whatever I can remember when the time comes. In the front of your new journal you need to write -'This book belongs to Sophie, without her brain is muddled and her ideas depleted. If you find it please take compassion on me and return it' and then your phone or email. xx

  4. Sorry to hear you have lost your blog book...and I hope it somehow makes it way back to you.
    I tend to keep a rough list of things to blog about on a post-it or I start the blog posts with a title and maybe some notes and save them as drafts until I'm ready to write more.
    And on a sidenote - I LOVE Emma Makes stuff! I have both those notepads and am slowly building a pencil collection as well!

  5. Oh no! I'm so sorry for your loss.
    Maybe whoever finds it will be smart enough to do some searching and it will make its way home to you??
    Fingers crossed xx

  6. I have a bloggy notebook. It doesn't really get carried about much, but its a great second brain. To be honest it is mainly a list of the things that I need to make (often this list is prioritised), but its also got lots of doodles of quilt blocks that I want to try to design and patterns that I want to try out. If I get stuck as to what I need to/ want to do next, its a great first place to look.

    Hoppe your book turns up soon and that if it doesn't your replacement fills up quickly with new ideas :-)


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