Monday, May 26, 2014

Family Outings:: Inflatable World

We're enjoying family outings lately. Everyone is at such a fun age right now! Last week we went to Inflatable World, it was incredible. I'm sure it would have been AWESOME for a teenager, but was equally so much fun for my little nearly 3 year old in their under 5's area (and for us parents too).

As usual, Milla took a while to warm up to being in such a loud, stimulating and strange environment. Once she felt comfortable, we all had a blast. Myself, MrMoo, Milla and Katie all bounced, slid down slides and rolled around! MrMoo particularly loved stretching Milla physically and testing her down slides and on blow up obstacles. She got pummeled, but of course wasn't hurt, and ended up in fits of giggles at being thrown around and bounced off her feet! Such fun.

We'll go back some other time! :)

[[Milla, if you ever read this, just for the record: You specifically asked for "a pony tail here, here and here". You only have yourself to blame ;) But girl, you so cute!]]

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  1. What fun - and I do love the pony tails :-) you go Milla!


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