Saturday, May 31, 2014

First Kindy Visit

Recently we visited our local kindy and enrolled both of the Moo2 girls in. Milla is due to start early September and we cannot wait!

She had a blast visiting and I had to drag her away! I know that she will have a great time there, and I am looking forward to seeing her grow in experience, courage and friend making skills.

And Katie and I? She will miss her, I think Katie is more fond of Milla than she is of me, but she will also get the free run of the toys, she will be able to eat in peace and have lots and lots of one on one time. 

It will be great for everyone and were looking forward to this new adventure!


  1. Oh what a milestone - and Milla looks to be really enjoying it. Just hope she enjoys it as much when it comes to you leaving her there :-)

  2. We about to enter in to the Kindy journey too! Feels very grown up!


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