Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Delilahs Dress

Last week my little niece turned ONE! Yay! She celebrated this milestone with her family and little friends at a Teddy Bears Picnic party (much like Millas Teddy Bears Picnic Party, but Delilahs looks way cooler!)

 Since I couldn't be there to celebrate, I sent over this handmade dress for her!

I've made a lot of these dresses over the last year, and this is the best one I've done (aside from the little bit of wonky topstitching around the neck line. Grr. Annoy!) (I think every time I say it's my best one)

It was my first time using a fabric other than cotton too. I can't remember what its content was but it felt like maybe it had some spandex in it? It has a slight stretch in it and was quite thick anyway, I lined it with cotton so It wont give any more.

I walked past this bolt of fabric on the counter top about 10 times, and eventually the ladies were saying "just take it!" and they were right, once I had my eye on it I knew that it was perfect, but I was scared of the stretch!

It gave me a little more confidence to tackle a knit fabric project soon.

Delilah, happy birthday little Princess! I can't wait to see you in your new party dress in the summer time! 

Love, Aunty Soph xx



  1. Beautiful dress! I love the fabric.

  2. What a wonderful frock Sophie - great sewing!

  3. love it! Such a great dress - I'm sure the only person who will notice the wonky stitching is you!


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