Monday, March 25, 2013

I'm On BlogLovin

I'm on Blog Lovin (like the rest of the world!)

I'm still a tad confused about how it all works, but hopefully I'll get some time to sit down and focus on making sure I've set it up properly. (I seem to have two blog addresses to follow? one is my blogspot and one is

I did sign up to it last year but deleted my account when I discovered it was only really americans using the site. So i'm so happy to have you all over there! I think its a great site!

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  1. Same here, it's a little strange, but the more I use bloglovin the more I like it. :)

  2. Sophie you can very easily merge the two adddresses together. I did this the other night. Go to the support page andfollow the intstructions. you send them a message with the two blog addresses and they will merge them into the one you use all the time. But you have to have "claimed" your blog first.
    Follow the process there first.
    The support people are extremely quick!
    (I heard from them within 20 minutes of sending my request and my two accounts had been merged under my .com one as requested. i was very impressed)

  3. PS do you want me to make you a little matching red circle button for your pinterest and bloglovin?? To match your twitter and FB?


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