Thursday, March 28, 2013

Milla Makes - Peplum Bubble Dress

The Straight-Grain blog has opened me up to a whole new world of kids fashion and what a beginner sewer can achieve.

This is the first time a fashion trend has ever "clicked" with me and I have thought "I love everything about that fashion!" Kids clothing Belgian styles: The prints and fabrics! The colour combinations! The shoes! 

I don't know if I love the style for myself, but for my daughter yes yes yes!

This was my attempt at creating something different for her, I used a free pattern for a peplum bubble dress. The pattern was really easy to understand, even though I'm not a zip novice (I dont even have a zipper foot! (I can't seem to find one for my ancient Globe machine???)), and have never used bias binding before. The 18mo fit is perfect for Milla. 

I'm quite proud of how it turned out, and Jen from Mend and Make New really is convincing me that sewing kids clothes is so rewarding and fun! 

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  1. This is just gorgeous Sophie
    Reminds me of a wee dress I made Miss Tsunami with liberty fabric I purchased when living in London

  2. visiting from Sunshinex3. I love this. Well done

  3. That is a absolutely adorable dress on an beautiful little girl....the bubble skirt, fabric and colour of the print are spot on! Well done, especially for conquering so many firsts :)

  4. well done - leaps and bounds girl - awesome!

  5. It's adorable sophie! well done you all round!! and thanks heaps for linking in! x

  6. I was admiring this dress in your 18mth post ~ I can't believe you made it! It's gorgeous. I particularly love the fabric - can I ask where you got it?

  7. OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT! Clever you! Will need to go and check out that blog!

  8. You did such an awesome job! I love that style of clothing too! Well done you! Milla looks adorbs :)

  9. Thank you for using my pattern, Sophie, and for your nice comments about it! I really love your version... and those gold baby shoes! Really happy I found your blog...
    Greetings from Belgium - an.

  10. Gorgeus! can you tell me where to find the shoe pattern?.. did you made those? They are lovely! Thank you!!!


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