Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Millas 18mo Update - Dear Baby

Milla, my sweet girl. Sometimes I just well up with delight when I see or watch her. She is gorgeous and delicious and I just want to drink her in!

18 months old is so fun! She is learning so much every day and will often surprise us by just knowing some thing already. Her Dad is a great teacher and she listens to his every word. She has few words but many sounds that we are familiar with and she is often repeating the beginning of words we say to practice. When we go to the car she says "Bee beep" (because of the car alarm), tickling is "DickaTickaDicka"and I absolutely LOVE her "yeah!" complete with a full head bob. She says Buhbye and Ameh (for amen) when going to bed.

There is so much I could tell you. Her life is so full.

She is an organiser and cleaner, she comes up behind me in the kitchen and shuts all the cupboards and draws I have open, she puts clothes I've left on the floor down in the washing pile, and she cleans up her own spilt water by going to get a cloth from the kitchen without even being prompted. 

She likes to draw pictures in the morning and points at the spare seat at her little table and says "Mama!" until I sit down with her. She hands me my own paper and crayons and we draw her daddy a picture. She'll give it to him at the end of the day. 

She loves to receive instructions and follow them through.

Her hair is always growing, its starting to turn a bit darker at the roots but still very blonde on top. Milla twirls her hair around her finger when she's tired and will often get up from a nap with a big knot in her hair. Its Daddys job to get them out. She sits so still and patiently for him.

She has started to notice other Babies, especially Baby Wes, her friend. She'll point at him and say "Baba!" and then point at my belly.

Milla knows where most of her body parts are: Her hair, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, neck, arms, hands, fingers, belly, bottom, legs, knees, feet and toes.

She is so busy. There is always something for her to do. I love watching her create her own missions. Mostly it will involve her transporting something from one thing to the next.

Music. I'm sure this girl is going to have a musical ability I will never understand. From the very beginning she would pick up on music and make her own groove. She'll point at the stereo during the day and nod her head for me to turn it on, and when a song ends she'll loudly complain until the next one comes on. When we walk into kids church on a Sunday the first thing she points at is the stereo. She can use her xylophone and shakers, but doesn't have much passion for her drum.

Her favourite toys are Tiger and Duckie. Tiger has been a long time favourite, Duckie is the new In Thing. She takes them both to bed at night, and will have one with her during the day. Although she can leave them behind we often ask which one she would like and she will choose. 

Her favourite book is Dear Zoo.

She is a pro on the rocking horse and has just figured out how to use a ride on car / bike toy (by pushing with both of her feet at the same time rather than walking it)

I'm looking forward to seeing her as a big sister in 3 months time. (as I write this she's currently 19 months). I think she will be very helpful and inquisitive. 

Dearest Milla,

The first year and a half of your life has been filled with so much learning, for both of us. You are so eager to explore your world and to take everything in. You notice everything and you learn so quickly. Your Dad is so good at teaching you new things. You love him so much so you are a devoted student. 

Every day you will show us some how that you have learnt something. It amazes both of us. We continually say "I can't believe it!" to each other. As we go to bed at night your Dad will often repeat your classic lines "DickaTickaDicka"and "Yea!" or "Noooooee" to himself with a big smile. Its so beautiful to see your relationship together.

You are such a gentle girl, so inquisitive and patient. You can wait so well and sit so still and you have a huge passion for music already at such a young age. You love going to Toddlerock on Fridays and every week get more and more brave as you take one step further away from my vicinity to explore the other kids and toys they have there. 

I've been able to leave you in kids church all by yourself a total of two whole times! Thank you Baby Girl, I love being in Church and I hope you do too :) At night time when we pray you put your hand on your Dads head. He loves it so much, mostly because he loves having his head touched, but also because its so special that we can pray together as a family. And then you say "Ameh". We melt every time!

Since my last update when you were 12 months old you have collected a distinctive scar on your forehead. You fell down a stair and headed straight into the corner of a wall. My girl, I have never been so worried in my life! The blood! Thankfully it was just a little cut and your doctor fixed you up good. I do hope the scar fades, I think it has already, but we can make up a good story about it when you're a bit older. Perhaps kidnapped by pirates or something?

You're going to be a big sister soon, as I write this I am due in exactly 3 months. We've been told you're going to have a little Sister. You can kind of say her name, and when I ask you where the baby is or you hear me talk about the baby you pull up my top (no matter where we are), point and say "Babeh". You pat and rub my belly. I think you will be such a caring and helpful big Sissy, just like my own (Aunty Amy). 

Baby Girl, we love you so much. So entirely and completely. I realise now that we didn't even know what love really was before. Not until you came along anyway. We thought we did, but you taught us how intense, passionate, selfless and sacrificing love really is. 

Stay well Little One,
Love Mama xxx

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  1. I think Milla is just such a darling. She sounds like a delight. It's easy to see how much you love being her Mama. x

  2. She is so amazing! I am enjoying her being really interactive with me and watching her grow! You are an awesome Mama Soph!

  3. Beautiful photos. What a dear girl - so much joy.


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