Friday, March 1, 2013

February Month

((Enjoying Summer))

It can't have just been me, February went way too quickly. Time seems to be flashing by, I wonder is it just because I have a toddler now, or am pregnant, or is this whats its like for the rest of our lives? It just keeps getting faster and faster? Slow down life!

Its kind of a big geeky-bloggy of me, but February has been my favourite blog month, perhaps of all time. I put a lot of thought into each of my blog posts, so wanted to round them all up for you to enjoy incase you missed any of them!

Namely, I started my "My Journey" series, where I have been writing down little snippets from my past. So far they have just been about my relationship with MrMoo, but I will be branching off over time and going down other avenues that I would like to record before the memories slip away completely. (Since doing this Ange and Meghan have also started doing there own!) You can read about how MrMoo, The Youth Pastor, stalked me and wouldn't leave me alone until we dated, how MrMoo proposed, and the beginning of our wedding ceremony.

Speaking of MrMoo, we also celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary and have had lots of date nights this month! Spoilt!

We announced with a fancy .GIF that our little squirmy baby is going to be a GIRL! WOO! (any girl name suggestions? Seriously?) And I did my first baby update / maternity wear post at 20 weeks.

AND! I made lots of stuff! Crochet baby wipes, cardigan re-styles (which is a loose term, hee), Homemade Laundry Powder, kids table & Valentines hearts for MrMoos work mates!

I also taught you how to use hyperlinks correctly in your blog posts - lots of you dont (lets face it), but now after reading it you do! Hooray! Major success, and I have swelled with pride many times noticing your good hyperlinking! ;) You'll be ranking high on Google in no time!

And last but not least, The Sisterhood held our very first National KINDNESS DAY! It was a beautiful successful day with lots of people loving on others, I couldn't have asked or expected any more!


 In February I have had some beautiful sponsors on my blog that I am so proud to represent! 
Breastmates sent me a delicious Glory Maternity Dress to try out and I've worn it a bazillion times since (you know, on all those date nights I've been having!), I love it! 

They have such a great range of maternity clothing and Franny, the owner and founder, has just designed her very own line! Er, hello business crush! 

Scamps is a new sponsor and they will be hanging out here for the next few months, so go and visit them and get familiar! They are an online ecoproduct store for mums, babies and kids!

I love their philosophy and it suits me perfectly, you can buy anything from reusable nappies and eco baby skin products to wraps and carriers or lunchboxes

((if you're interested in having your blog or brand represented on Sophie Slim check out my advertising options)


Wow, looking at all of those exciting things that happened last month makes me feel so successful and proud of myself! I achieved a lot, even if it doesn't feel like it. What a great thing, to look back and appreciate the past! Pats on the back all round!



  1. Go you!!

    I hate to tell you this, but the time goes even faster when #2 arrives :( Never more have I realised why people tell you to enjoy every moment when your babies are small, because they are almost one before you can even blink three times.

  2. Oh. My. What a month you have had! I love how your blog is so personalised and there is no doubt when reading it who the person is behind the computer!! Love it! :) Hazel x


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