Thursday, March 14, 2013

Granny Circle Blanket - Complete!

In June 2012 I started creating granny circles for a blanket, destined for my baby's future big girl bed.

I planned to make 15 rows of 12 squares, big enough for a single bed, totaling 180 squares.

I started off using scrap wool but quickly discovered that I would need consistant colours and textures to keep the weight of the blanket even. Although it looks the same, some wool will be lighter than others and it can throw the whole thing out. Some circles were ending up smaller and thinner than others etc. 

Instead I used an acrylic yarn, approximately 150gms of each colour Navy blue, aqua blue, sky blue, dark purple, lilac purple, red, hot pink, baby pink, teal, yellow, lime green, along with approximately 10 balls of 100gm white.

I layed them all out randomly, no two circles exactly the same, and hung them on some yarn and stored them in my wardrobe on a hanger. I slowly got through the yarn snake, and did it in my "layed out order" so there was a nice even mix of colours (brights vs. darks etc)

Eventually it was time to start the white of the blanket and initially it was such an exciting process - to see that mass of bright colours balanced out with a simple white, imagining my daughter snuggled underneath it, I prayed for my family white I crocheted it.

Once I got to the middle it began to get tedioius; another row done and you could hardly tell. The end felt far away. 

Little did I know I was actually only 1 row away from finishing, when it was bundled up and put away at the beginning of my pregnancy with Baby Moo2. 

Summer was beginning, morning sickness thrived and I felt like crochet was the last thing on my mind. 

In February 2013 I picked it up again, realising we wanted to move our daughter into her own bed some time in the next few months before the newest baby was born and I needed the blanket for it. Because I'm sentimental like that. And I dont miss a deadline. 

I quickly finished off the last row and a half, giggling with glee that that is all that was needed to complete it and spent a week working on the border.

A recent post by Attic24 for her patchwork blanket inspired me to do a thick border around the blanket, something I hadn't given much thought to but after seeing her photos of her blankets with great big borders and understanding how they 'complete' the blanket I was inspired. My blankets will always have borders now!

I interpreted her photos of a recent border she had made up and trialled it out on my own, I love how the little spots of pink break through the white.

And here she is, in all of her nine month, colourful glory!! 

Millas white Granny-Circle blanket!

She was supposed to be for a single bed, but as we haven't set Millas bed up yet I took these photos on our double. As you can see, its rather large! 

Time Taken: 9 Months
Yarn Used: 8ply, acrylic yarn.
12 balls of 100gm colours, 10 balls of 100gm white (with plenty left over)
Granny Circle pattern used: Grandma All-Square tutorial
Border Inspiration: Attic24 Granny Patch Blanket
How to stop your borders from ruffling: How to Make a Flat Border for a Granny Square Blanket
More Crochet Inspiration: Sophie Slim Crochet Pinterest Board

Thanks for stopping by and sharing these journeys with me! Blogging is so good like that! 


  1. Gorgeous Sophie! No doubt you both love it and I can only imagine how proud and satisfied it feels! Well done! xx

  2. Its so fresh - I love it, and probably a good thing you did it so large, its a heirloom treasure - this way she can have it on her bed when she goes away to uni!

  3. I love it! I am currently working on a granny square afghan for my mom's birthday in April. I love your broader!
    God Bless!

  4. It's beautiful. Such a labour of love, a blanket she can treasure. You're so clever :)

  5. visiting from show and tell. THis is amazing. I agree about the border and I love the way you stored it in your wardrobe - that is totally new for me.

  6. What a beautiful blanket. So much work, but it is stunning.

  7. Stunning and so inspiring. You will always treasure this. Well done.

  8. Well done! Love it! Now to start another one for baby 2 :P

  9. That is a Gorgeous blanket!! Well done, you must be so proud!!! :)

  10. So amazing!!! I can't even imagine having the patience to finish a blanket this epic! Gorgeous x

  11. So so beautiful! What a mammoth effort, but I can see it was totally worth it!

  12. It's bee-yoo-tee-ful! Absolutely love it - love the mix of colours. It will be a family heirloom for sure.

  13. It's BEAUTIFUL!
    A work of art and a labour of love all rolled into one...

  14. It's beautiful. I'm always amazed that anyone can complete these huge projects. So inspiring.

  15. AMAZING!!! Super impressed - I'd love to try to make one oneday. You rock!!!

  16. Oh wow! It's so beautiful! So much love has gone in to all those stitches and I am sure it will be treasured for years to come. Must have been a wonderful feeling to finish it. :)

  17. It looks absolutely amazing! Well done you!!!

  18. Incredibly beautiful! I had such a project, but never went farther than buying the yarn! Congratulations!

  19. such a beautiful blanket...and it is so big! wow. Congrats!

  20. Looks lovely, babe! xx

  21. it looks BEAUTIFUL Sophie. You must be so proud of yourself to finish such a HUGE project. I am inspired!

  22. Wow, it is gorgeous! Well worth the effort (and time)

  23. It is absolutely stunning!
    As a non-crocheter I'm so envious, and almost feel inspired to learn how - and make my own!

  24. I love love love this!!! its so beautiful with all those colours blanketed by white ( excuse the pun )
    and I think the pink edge really finishes it :) Gorgeous x


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