Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The Sisterhood has been working away under cover again, this time sending treats to two deserving woman.
The LOVE BOMB pictured above has gone to a mother parenting teens. Shall I stop right there? I know what my family were like as teenagers, I wish someone had sent my parents a love bomb! Along with the love bomb we wish her strength, patiences and an everlasting love!

Because of allergies we weren't able to send food treats, so instead I loaded up a little box with delicious hand creams, soaps, files, a super cute wooden pin, foot balm and a beautiful handmade zipper bag! 

Hopefully she'll love it!

The other, not pictured, when to a Mama who has just had a little boy and has been left by her partner, who already have a child together. The little boy isn't doing too well and she is receiving extra support to try and settle him into this new life. She is being looked after by friends in practical ways, but I wanted to send her some treats to let her know that even when our babies cry and we go to be exhausted we are still doing well. Even though we can't see them, women around the world stand beside each other and love each other.

Don't we?


If you would like to nominate anyone please email me on 

If you would like to give, view our previous LOVE BOMBs to get ideas of what we do, and send anything to:: The Sisterhood, PO BOX 10100, Christchurch


These were able to be sent because you have donated so many awesome goodies that our shelves of glory are still well stocked and are ready to bless others! THANK YOU! Also big thanks to Post Haste couriers for sending our LOVE BOMBs free of charge! :)


  1. you're awesome Sophie

  2. Thank you so much for love bombing my friend Heidi. She's not had a lot of good things happen lately and really deserved a wonderful surprise. I hadn't heard of the sisterhood before now but I think it is a fantastic group and you are doing an amazing job!


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