Friday, August 24, 2012

Crafty Christchurch

These ladies.

All very near and dear to my heart. These Christchurch bloggers and myself got together and went to Crafty Christchurch on Thursday night. A craft and supply market inside the Hagley Geodome.

 I was amazed at how many suppliers and crafty businesses are up and running in Christchurch, amazed and inspired. These businesses have been through it and are still here. I love that. When people need a release they craft. 

We bloggers moseyed through the top quality stalls too with such lovely products. Fabrics, yarns, hooks and needles, sewing machines, threads, hoops, beads, chains, papers and cutters. Anything crafty and it was there.

The market is running until 6pm Saturday 25th August, if you're like me you'll want to check it out.

Mmm so love to touch me some soft woollies.

Also, I was spotted twice by Sisters I've never met before. Crazy crazy! (in a good loving it way) 

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  1. Always nice to spend time with you too Sophie!

  2. Cool! I'm a little bit jealous - a craft fair and meeting up with bloggy friends! We have family in Chch, so next time I'm there do it again and I'll come too! ;)

  3. Such fun to have great friends that share your the sister hood thing you all have going on too. x

  4. Looks like fun....yup, just a little bit jealous.

  5. Looks fantastic, love your Christchurch crafty vibe, love Posie

  6. Great to be a part of a fun gathering of like-minded individuals :-)

  7. How very wonderful Sophie. That sounds magic :)

  8. I'm coming down to meet you all one of these days - Christchurch bloggers are such an awesome bunch!

  9. How cool! Next time something like this happens, I would totally come! :D


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