Friday, August 31, 2012

Sophie the Tiger

Friends, meet Sophie the Tiger. Tigers say grrwwrrrr.

Camilla found Sophie amongst a pile of soft toys in her room when she was happily playing in there one day last week. She bought her out to show me and didn't let go of her for the rest of the day.

No, I didn't name Sophie. She was given to my husband years ago as a gift, his absolute favourite animal is a white tiger, and Sophie was given to him by Camilla. An old flame.

Lost? Creeped out yet? I know. Its all a bit strange isn't it? And yes, it is completely weird for me to call one of her toys "sophie"

Camilla happened to visit us last year while we were pregnant and suggested her name, as everyone does, for our baby. We laughed, then looked at each other "Actually, I really like Camilla as a name" "Me too" it hung over us, the only name we ever mutually liked. 

An now Camilla, our 1 year old daughter, loves Sophie the Tiger.

I was hoping she would get attached to a toy (not fully attached yet, but we might be getting there (maybe, who knows!)) I thought perhaps it might bring her some security outside of her bond with me. I thought that maybe if i'm not around something else could comfort her. 

Their friendship is still blossoming, watch this space.

Were you ever attached to anything as a child? Are your children? What do you think about the whole idea? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. my 6 year old still holds on to toys and books that he likes for days even taking them to bed
    until he either loses interest or something else attracts his attention

    I had a doll called Margaret that was my favourite when I was a girl

    I dont mind favourite toys etc
    However I cant stand security blankets they always tend to look yucky

  2. I can't remember having a favourite toy growing up.
    I have a 5 year old who has a moose and a blankie and up until his first day of school took them everywhere with him and now he just sleeps with them at night. My 4 year old has a teddy who goes EVERYWHERE with him. These toys are a part of our family and have been in family, wedding photos and even been on a plane! Its just so special to see and amazing how a toy can make so many things better!


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