Wednesday, August 1, 2012

LOVE BOMB #2 - Cynthia

Cynthia is a wife, mother of a special needs child and spends every single day working in her community to see other lives improved. I think Cynthia is pretty amazing so we really wanted to send her something that would give her a break out of her everyday life and give her the chance to relax! 

With your help we sent Cynthia a sisterhood poem, a $45 Wagamama voucher, 2 adult hoyts movie tickets, 2 large table mats, kawaii book and pen, hand made reversible handbag, hand made bracelet and earrings, Kleenex tissues, chocolate almonds, assorted chocolate and latte sachet, silicone flower muffin moulds, lush bath bomb and soap.

This was all sent free of charge thanks to Post Haste and was made possible because of each of you who gave something small to create something big. Thank you! x


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  1. To all the incredible Sisters in the Sisterhood. A week ago, I came home from work on Friday afternoon to find a mysterious box that had been delivered during the day. My partner and daughter gathered round as I opened up the parcel. I couldn't believe what I found. I read the note and the poem and started crying. My partner kept asking me "what is it? Who sent it?", and all I could say is "I don't understand"...I was so overwhelmed.
    I'd just had the week from hell. I'd worked until 9.30pm on the Tue night and the following night we rushed our daughter to hospital with severe abdo pain. The rest of the week was hard to comprehend, trying to juggle full-time work and our daughter.
    An old school friend of mine had just found out her 2yr old has Leukemia and I'd spent the whole weekend pulling together a hospital survival kit and a care package. As I was putting my friend's package together, I was motivated by how it would make her feel to receive it and how much I would have loved to receive something like that myself. And then lo and behold this incredible packgage arrives on my doorstep for me!
    Thank you so much to all the incredible women who sent me this. It means so much to me and will give me and my partner a chance to spend some time together as well.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you


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