Monday, August 27, 2012

Nominations Open for Cookie Drop!

Nominations are now open for worthy recipients in the nationwide Sisterhood Ninja Baking Drop!

  • Nominations will be open until 5pm Friday 31st August
  • Baking will be hand delivered (in a ninja like fashion) on the 1st or 2nd September 2012
  • Nominations are only available in certain parts on New Zealand (where our registered bakers live)
  • Anyone can nominate, there are 170ish baking drops available around New Zealand
  • Nominating doesn't guarantee they will receive baking (but it is highly likely they will)
  • If you haven't registered as a baker but you would like to do some baking for a friend feel free to organise it yourself (I can send you some poems and ribbons to include if you would like to! (just email me))


  1. got my cookie jars today... all ready to do ninja baking!

  2. Hi Sophie,
    If I nominate someone does it remain anonymous or is the nominators name disclosed at some point?

  3. Hi, I am also wondering about anonymity as the people I can think of who seriously deserve this kind of thing would be mortified if they knew it was me who thought of them!! (they are all people who are strong and help others but need nurturing themselves!)


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